Breast augmentation with autologous fat – the “natural” way of breast augmentation

Feeling good about your own body contributes immensely to healthy self-confidence. However, women who wish to have larger breasts do not necessarily have to resort to implants. The “natural” way of breast augmentation with autologous fat is a new trend and a promising alternative to the classic variant with implants.

With the method own fat from the typical problem areas suctioned, cleaned, processed and injected into the breast.

For whom is breast augmentation with autologous fat suitable?

The “natural” type of breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat is a method that is particularly suitable for those who, on the whole, are satisfied with their breasts, but would like to have about half a cup size want more. Especially in case of a slight form of asymmetry of the breasts or after pregnancy, the moderate enlargement is very suitable. Since own fat is used for this method, it is of course advantageous if there is excess fat in other parts of the body.

The fat is often taken from the classic problem zones, such as the abdomen, buttocks or legs. If affected persons are dissatisfied with their breasts and problem areas at the same time, this method can be used to two concerns at once are treated. Very thin people are not suitable for the procedure for this reason.

Since about twice as much fat sucked out as is later implanted, approximately 400 to 600 cc of fatty tissue is required per breast. In most cases, a second operation must be performed, since the body usually breaks down about 10 to 40 % of the injected fatty tissue after the operation. Before any operation, an ultrasound or mammography should be performed to rule out any possible disease of the breast.

What is the procedure for this “natural” type of breast augmentation?

Before deciding on breast augmentation, a detailed consultation should take place.

Dr. Martha Bernard, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, is happy to advise her patients on this in a personal consultation in her practice in Munich to discuss needs and fears and to clear up any uncertainties.

If the patient has decided to have breast augmentation with autologous fat, in most cases there must be weight gain through healthy eating, as the problem areas must be clearly visible.

During surgery, the patient’s own fat is first gently suctioned from the appropriate area of the body. This fat is cleaned and processedbefore it is injected into the breast using cannulas. The fat is broken down into tiny particles to ensure optimal distribution in the tissue.

The procedure takes about 60 to 120 minutes and takes place under general anesthesia. Patients must spend a night in the hospital for monitoring.


Following surgery, patients are first given a bandage with a light bra. During the following six weeks, a sports bra and a compression girdle should be worn.At the beginning, the breasts usually feel plump and filled. However, the feeling does not last long, as some of the fat is automatically broken down by the body. In order to achieve the desired size, mostly 2 to 4 small aftertreatments take place. The pain is limited and can rather be compared to a kind of muscle soreness.

Are there risks associated with breast augmentation with autologous fat?

In general, consequences and complications can arise with any operation. However, these are kept within limits in this type of breast augmentation, as no major wounds occur. In liposuction, ripples, wound infections or scars may occur as a result. The scars can occur both during liposuction and when the fat is injected into the breasts. This is because small incisions must be made in both places, through which scars can occur. Wound healing problems can also occur, but the likelihood of this is higher in smokers than in non-smokers. In rare cases, the injected fat may turn out to be a Oil cyst which must then be surgically removed.

Dr. Martha Bernard offers breast augmentation using autologous fat in her practice in Munich. She has many years of experience and specializes in breast surgery. “When you place your trust in an experienced and qualified aesthetic plastic surgeon, risks and complications can be virtually eliminated.”, explains Dr. Martha Bernard.

What are the advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat compared to breast augmentation with implants?

A major advantage of not using implants is that there is no foreign body in the breast and therefore the usual long-term consequences of silicone implants are absent. The result offers visually a very “natural” way of breast augmentation and also feels very soft and natural.

In addition, the method convinces with its lasting durability.Due to the fact that fat is removed from the problem areas at the same time, this method contributes overall to a beautiful silhouette and thus also to a more positive self-esteem Contributes.Mammograms can still be performed after the procedure, but the physician should be informed in advance that the surgery has been performed.