Breast augmentation – Why autumn or winter is the best time for it?

For many activities there is the right season. We prefer to visit the Egyptian pyramids at Christmas time, when temperatures in North Africa become bearable even for Europeans. Smart people travel to Australia best in July or August, when the southern hemisphere is in “deepest winter” with average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, the dangerous UV radiation is significantly weakened. So when it comes to vacations, choosing the right season plays a big role.

Are there any relevant principles to consider?

breast augmentation preferred in autumn or winter

If you are planning breast surgery, the answer is yes! In principle, such procedures can be performed throughout the year. However, many women prefer the cold season and there are good reasons for this.

After breast augmentation, almost all patients find themselves more beautiful and attractive than before. The many compliments that often follow increase psychological well-being and self-confidence. However, as with many things in life, before the reward comes the work, and in the case of breast surgery, it’s not just your surgeon who has that work. Go to Convalescence must contribute, first of all, you yourself.

Under winter clothing the body can recover in peace

Recovery includes the initial wearing of a support bra. These garments are not particularly elegant, but under a thick winter sweater they do not stand out. The combination with a T-shirt or a light summer dress, on the other hand, would probably bother many women badly.

In addition, breast surgery also leaves small scars back, which need time to heal. Presenting yourself in the summer with a fresh surgical scar in the outdoor pool or on the beach is not really a nice idea. In winter, this problem does not arise at all.

In addition, women also need time to familiarize themselves with the new body proportions to become. Thick jackets, scarves and turtlenecks do not exactly draw attention to the cleavage. So the patient does not have to fear that your new body shapes will attract attention before she feels familiar with them. In the summer months, this adjustment period would be eliminated and light clothing would immediately make the physical change visible to others. Many patients prefer the first option, which gives them more time allows to adjust to the physical change.

Organizational advantages

A breast augmentation is not a Botox treatment, and even patients with top-notch physiques should expect to have not fully able to work for two to three weeks are not fully fit for work. However, specialists and managers cannot simply be absent for several weeks. The only exception here is often the time between the years. From Christmas to the Epiphany, not much usually happens in German companies because even hard-working people focus on family during the Christmas period. For women who don’t work in the catering, retail or tourism industries, this is therefore the best time to take three weeks off.

The cold season also has a few other advantages. After the operation you may be not shower for a few days may. This is of course much easier to tolerate in cool weather than waking up every morning drenched in sweat. Especially since the bandages you have to wear at the beginning encourage sweating even more. You can avoid this inconvenience by using the Choosing the right season for your desired operation quite simply save.