Breast augmentation testimonial – a patient reports

There are many reasons why women are dissatisfied with their breasts: Some find them too small, not firm enough, or asymmetrical. A breast asymmetry was the reason why Karin Wimmer had her breast enlarged. This even required several operations and implant changes. Breast augmentation testimonial: a patient reports. In addition, the most important facts such as costs, risks, duration of surgery aftercare and whether breast implants can also be used for breastfeeding…

A Breast augmentation with implants is the most frequently performed surgery within aesthetic plastic surgery. However, the prerequisites for this are extremely varied and should therefore only be performed by designated specialists should be carried out. In the Podcast on the topic of breast augmentation testimonial, a patient talks about her breast enlargement after several operations and the aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Martha Bernard about Risks and opportunities.

The story of Karin Wimmer begins in 2003. Because of her thoracic asymmetry, aka. Funnel chest the patient would like to have her breasts adjusted. In the first step, she was advised to reduce the larger breast. Unfortunately, the result was not satisfactory. After that two implants of the same size were inserted – Karin Wimmer was not happy even after this operation. The asymmetry could not be corrected by this. Only the third operation – it was performed on the lower lying side a larger implant inserted – brought the desired effect.

Breast augmentation experience report over 15 years

After now 15 years Karin Wimmer has decided to have another Implant change to perform. “It was necessary because I was already told after the surgery that the breast implants should be replaced after about 10 years. “But as it is in life, I had a lot of challenges in my job and also in my private life, I became a mother of a daughter and I kept postponing the issue,” the 47-year-old tells in the Podcast interview.

Breastfeeding despite breast implant?

Were you able to breastfeed your daughter breastfeed despite breast implant? “Yes, it worked great. I was able to breastfeed without any problems. I had no restrictions at all. However, my breast changed after pregnancy. One more reason for the implant change.”

And how did you become Mrs. Dr. Giessler came? “Actually via the Internet and the great reviews, which I can only confirm in my experience.” In a detailed consultation in her practice in Munich, the first step was then mainly about how to shape the breast with new implants.

And what condition were the old implants in? “Primarily, you can say that the tactile sensation was okay, the breast implants were just a bit hardened. The shape, however, was not optimal, it looked like the teardrop-shaped implants no longer in the desired position, but would have twisted,” explains Dr. Bernard.

Breast augmentation: costs and risks

The issue of the cancer ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) also played a role in the replacement of breast implants. Strong textured Implants are associated with it yes (we will report on the topic). “Even though this type of cancer is extremely rare in connection with breast implants, it is safer to investigate more closely from a medical point of view,” the plastic surgeon said.

So what happened next? “Already after the first conversation in her practice in Munich, it was clear that I would have the repeat procedure performed by Dr. Bernard. The best decision. From the anesthesia to the entire surgical team, I simply felt in the best of hands and cared for. The Pain after that were moderate“, reports the patient six weeks after the procedure.

And for which breast implant you have finally chosen decided? “Together we have chosen slightly larger breast implants from the company Motiva decided. With the Implants with nanotexture the risk for a Capsular Fibrosis less than one percent. The very elastic gel also provides a great tactile sensation,” says Dr. Bernard.

The Patient’s CONCLUSION: “I am very happy today, the result is exactly as I wished. I would also recommend the procedure to any woman who is suffering.”

FACTS about breast augmentation

COST: Between 6,000 and 8,000 euros.

COURSE OF OP: Surgical procedure with general anesthesia, duration 2-3 hours, hospital stay 1-2 days.

AFTERCARE: 3 follow-up visits and with Dr. Martha Bernard anytime in between, also happy to video consult. Showering after 48 hours, fit for work after about 4 days, 6 weeks sports bra.