Breast augmentation – a testimonial

Too small, not firm enough or asymmetrical – there are many reasons why women are dissatisfied with their breasts. Breast augmentation with implants is still one of the most frequently performed beauty surgery techniques. How the surgery works, what you should definitely pay attention to and how you feel as a sufferer. In the video, a patient talks about her experiences and the aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jens Baetge about risks and opportunities.

Katrin Kaltwang loves her breasts. However, her breasts have changed after two births. “My bosoms looked like they had drunk out, lost their shape, and I really wanted my beautiful breasts back,” explains the 32-year-old, who set out on a search. She had consultations at five different practices before getting an appointment at the Nuremberg clinic. After talking to Dr. Baetge, the clinic director, she knew immediately: “This is the right place for me.”

Anyone who decides to have a breast augmentation should take every precaution to keep the surgical risk as low as possible and the chances of success as high as possible. This is also the opinion of the plastic surgeon, which is why he attaches the greatest importance to the consultation before and the care after the surgery. “There are definitely patients to whom I advise against surgery. Either because their idea of the result is unrealistic or the timing is not right,” explains Dr. Baetge.

And what surgical technique is used in the Nuremberg clinic? “The gold standard of breast augmentation in Europe is still the use of implants. Under general anesthesia, the implant is inserted through only an approximately three-centimeter-long incision in the armpit, leaving the breast completely scar-free. For many women, this is not just a cosmetic issue. It also means that both sensitivity to touch and the ability to breastfeed are completely preserved,” emphasizes Dr. Baetge.

Fear of breast augmentation?

And how did the surgery feel? Katrin Kaltwang: “I had no fear of the procedure at all and complete confidence. I spent the first night in the clinic and felt very well taken care of. The second night at home, however, was very uncomfortable. I was in so much pain that I called Dr. Baetge. He was able to calm me down and the next morning I went to the clinic for a follow-up examination. Overall, the first week was not so easy but I would repeat the surgery anytime!”

To the Risks and side effects Dr. Baetge explains: “In addition to the usual risks of surgery, there may be clearly noticeable pain, bruising, wound healing and sensitivity problems. A special bandage is applied on the day of the operation, after which a compression bra must be worn for three to four weeks. Sports and saunas are taboo, and for the first week, the patient is only allowed to sleep on her back.” And the Cost? “Including hospital stay and aftercare, the costs are between 4000 and 7000 euros.”

And finally, how has her environment reacted to the new breasts? “My husband was in on it from the start, after all, and fortunately he loves my new breasts. I also talked openly about the procedure among my friends and can only encourage all women to take the plunge if they are deeply unhappy with their breasts. I at least have a great body feeling and am happy every day about the Result.”

Lead photo: Pexels/Valeria Boltneva