Botox: The first time

Laughter lines are for many okay and charming signs of the times – in contrast to worry lines. That’s how Elisa F. sees it, too. She really wants to get rid of the small wrinkles on her forehead and has already informed herself well. For her it is the first treatment at the Beauty Doc. We were allowed to be there.

Visit from Paris. Elisa works as an assistant director on major film productions and has seen and heard many stories about failed beauty treatments. She thought about it for a long time, researched on the Internet and then didn’t dare. In Paris, moreover, she has already had two consultations and her mind is now made up: she wants to have her forehead treated with Botox before the wrinkles spread even further. She has chosen her Munich vacation and the specialist for dermatology and outpatient surgery, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt, as the time.

First, there was also in the practice of Dr. Voigt once again a consultation and education about the treatment. Dr. Voigt observes Elisa’s face very closely and has her make a few grimaces. His recommendation: weaken three muscles on the forehead with Botox so that the forehead smoothes out. With hyaluronic acid, he would like to place mini-points at the upper end of the nasolabial fold, i.e. right next to the wings of the nose, so that the contour of the cheeks becomes softer.

The 31-year-old French woman agrees. And how does it feel? “On my forehead, I felt a kind of cracking sound when the syringe penetrated the skin. But it didn’t really hurt,” Elisa explains. The hyaluron injection does bring a few little tears to her eyes, though – but maybe it’s just the tension.

The experience with Botox and fillers

In the evening we go out for dinner together. And? Everything okay? Elisa feels a little exhausted, she admits that she was more scared than she thought. The cheek area actually looks softer, which immediately makes for more freshness. Elisa is happy.

And the forehead? Here you can see the result after four days, just before her flight back to Paris. “The forehead feels kind of tighter but I’m glad the facial expressions are working. Except I’m actually making less use of it,” Elisa enthuses.

And what do her friends and colleagues in Paris say? “I had my girlfriends in on it and they confirmed that I look fresh and smoothed out. On the set they said: “Did you have a great vacation? You certainly look really refreshed.”

10 days later, Elisa sends me selfies again, in which she is beaming. “I’m totally happy. It was exactly the right decision and I’ll probably come back to Munich for the next treatment.”