Botox in creams and serums?

According to statistics, about 25,000 women in Germany have their faces rejuvenated with Botox every year. But it is safe to assume that the number of unreported cases is much higher. Many women do not want to admit it? Why actually?

Botox is perfectly okay, because the fairy tale about 2 to 3 liters of water a day as an anti-aging agent is nothing but a fairy tale. No matter how often celebrities affirm this. But no one has to beg a beauty doc for Botox when they think about how and what they can get rid of their wrinkles and fine lines. There are now creams and serums and lotions that are supposed to work almost as well as Botox.

Of course, the “basic equipment” of almost all these products includes hyaluron, because there is no active ingredient that can bind so much water (up to 6 liters per gram), making the skin elastic and giving it new tone. Sun protection is also one of the usual ingredients, as well as protection against free radicals.

Botox in skin care?

However, Botox In-A-Bottle products still score with particularly high-quality active ingredients in high concentrations and have been developed using the latest technologies. Such as myrrh, which smoothes dry skin and wrinkles and stimulates skin repair, and extracts obtained from plant cells and “assembled” in the laboratory with other active ingredients to form an anti-aging complex.

Left: Powers the skin’s collagen and elastin production with special peptides and rejuvenates with date seed and travel extracts: the “Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment” by Estée Lauder (100 ml, 68 euros).

Right: What’s inside and effective: hyaluron and myrrh extract (repairs the skin after environmental damage, among other things) as well as the special anti-stress and booster active ingredient Cell Active VIP: “Performance 3D Eye” by Dr. Grandel (50 ml, 64 euros).

botox skin care wrinkles away without surgery skincare

Left: “Eye and Lip Contour Nuxuriance Ultra” works with the combination of saffron and bougainvillea cells, as well as extracts of seaweed and cocoa cells. From Nuxe (15 ml, 29.90 euros).

Middle: Instytutum’s “Flawless Skin Mask” fights wrinkles with, among other things, Alive Water – pure, five-stage filtered water that revitalizes the skin and pushes cell renewal. The mask also contains the power anti-aging ingredient Argireline (pack of 5 fleece masks: 69 euros).

Right: The trio against wrinkles: an extract of purple rice and licorice root (considered the skin’s guardian angel) and Proxylane (firms the skin, among other things): “H.A. Intensifier Serum” by SkinCeuticals (30 ml, 79 euros).

botox skin care wrinkles gone without surgery skincare
botox skin care wrinkles away without surgery skincare
botox skin care wrinkles away without surgery skincare

Left: Sepai, the cult brand from Barcelona, combines molecular and biotechnological ingredients. The serum “EGF Youth Molecule” contains plant-based EGF (epidermal growth factor), hylaluron and vitamin C (15 ml, 110 euros).

Middle: Works against wrinkles where you want – on the side of the lips or above or below or on the forehead or or … The transdermal “Youth Patches” by And Shine work with a special hyaluronic acid and a high-tech peptide against wrinkles – put the small patches on and let them work overnight (2-week pack with 4 patches: 88.90 euros).

Right: Viliv’s “Modern Detox and Re-plumpig Mask,” developed by Swiss dermatologist Dr. Felix Bertram, replenishes moisture depots and underpads wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide also improves skin texture and strengthens the protective barrier against external influences (pack of 4: €37.99).

botox skin care wrinkles away without surgery skincare
botox skin care wrinkles away without surgery skincare