Botox for the first time – an experience report

Lisa M. (name known to the editors), 32, has had Botox treatment for the first time. She reports how it felt and, above all, what it did for her appearance.

With my girlfriends Botox has been a topic for quite some time. We have often discussed when would be the right time for a first Botox treatment is.

My Frown line bothers me enormously. I am actually a positive person and despite often look grim and bad-tempered. For me the most important reason to test Botox for the first time.

The practice of plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Kim was recommended to me by several people. I make an appointment at her Munich practice. At our first appointment, apart from a consultation and explanatory talk, nothing happens at first. Why is that? It’s one of those tropically hot days and I’m on my bike. Dr. Kim recommends making a second appointment for the treatment, either when it’s a bit cooler or when I’m on the road without my bike.

And why? The effect of Botulinum toxin, the medical term for Botox, is weakened by heat and sweating, which is why you should not go into the sauna for a few days after a treatment. We make a new appointment.

Botox for the first time – this is how it feels

Now the time has come and I am trying Botox for the first time. The treatment is gentler than I feared. I move my facial muscles, which allows Dr. Kim to see which muscle is causing which Wrinkle causes. Botox is mainly used against mimic wrinkles used, I already learned during the consultation. Dr. Kim treats three muscles on the forehead with Botox. This can smooth the forehead as a whole, which also makes the frown line disappear.

The final result

The Injections is not painful at all. Now I am anxious to look in the mirror. I don’t see any change at all. That is quite normal, the plastic surgeon explains. I shouldn’t expect any miracles for the next day either. The final result would only be known after three or four days.

That’s exactly how it is. On day four after treatment, my forehead smoother and is still flexible. Dr. Kim would rather inject some more than make the result look artificial. I am even happier on day five. The Frown line is gone!

At the next girls’ get-together, I’m quizzed and get compliments. And: “Is there a age recommendation for a Botox-treatment,” I am asked. According to Dr. Kim, you can’t base it on calendar age. Wrinkles are very individual. It is best to treat them right at the beginning. Once a deep wrinkle is formed, it takes a lot of effort to eradicate it, I quote Dr. Kim. And how long does the RESULT and how high are the COST? PRICE from 250 euro per region and that RESULT holds about ssix months.

Photo: Eric Ward/Unsplash