Botox and filler – the more precise, the more individual!

Actually, I thought, pretty much everything has been said about the use of Botox and fillers. Until I met the doctor Dr. Annette Herold and she told me about her special technique in the use of Botox and filler. The result is an exciting PODCAST on the subject.

Dr. Annette Herold is a proven specialist when it comes to Botox and filler injections. Part of that has to do with the fact that she had the privilege of working with internationally renowned Swiss dermatologist Dr. Phillip Levy. What she learned in Switzerland she now implements in her own practice and reports about it in the PODCAST interview.

The Düsseldorf doctor is so far the only colleague that the renowned Swiss doctor Dr. Philip Levy has ever let into his practice. Dr. Levy now looks back on 25 years of aesthetic botulinum therapy and has patients in his practice every day who travel from far away, sometimes from abroad, especially for a treatment because they clearly notice the difference compared to a “normal” treatment with Botox and filler. During their stay, the expert Dr. Herold revealed all his tips and tricks. Much of this now complements the spectrum in the daily work with patients.

Can you give examples for Botox and fillers?

“Especially for botulinum toxin treatment, I use an absolutely individualized system, where I use about 20-30 syringes of different dosages per patient. No worries. The individual punctures are almost all barely noticeable! This gives me a precision that, if you use a single syringe, as is usually the case, is technically impossible. To prepare this requires a considerable amount of time on our part in my practice. The cost of materials is also higher. However, I don’t pass on these additional costs to my patients; this is my contribution to achieving the best possible treatment result for me,” emphasizes Dr. Herold.

And on the subject of fillers?

“The filler packs always come with needles. However, I use a relatively large assortment of needles, which I buy separately. The reason is that the enclosed needles are often too thick. So they let too much hyaluronic gel through at once and so I can’t work precisely enough. My goal is always to achieve the maximum result with as little hyaluron as possible while not making my patients look treated. There are no inflatable lips with me!”

Not all hyaluronic acid is created equal. What are criteria that make good products?

“I trust products from the major brands known for hyaluronic fillers, which are manufactured in Europe and have been used for many years, sometimes decades, so the long-term effect is known. In addition, as a matter of principle, I only buy from the manufacturer itself, so that I can be sure that the products have always been stored properly.
In turn, each manufacturer has a range of different hyaluronic fillers for different applications. So if I want to treat the mouth area, fill volume in the cheek area, add contour to the chin, or just improve skin quality, that makes me reach for a different product each time.”

Finally, what are the risks of filler treatment?

“I’m a big safety fanatic. We have an obligation as physicians to educate people about all possible complications, precisely because aesthetic medicine usually involves treatments that are not medically necessary. A very rare complication would be the occlusion of a blood vessel from a filler treatment. However, this has NEVER occurred in all my work in this field since 2003. However, I think it is important for patients to know that a physician has a tremendous responsibility when performing a hyaluronic injection. Such a treatment cannot be done for 99 Euros. Already the purchase price for a proper filler exceeds this amount by far.”