Botolinum toxin: again, still or for the first time?

Botolinum toxin for Hollywood, botolinum toxin party, botolinum toxin for the masses. The spread of the trend can hardly be stopped. Sometimes it seems to get quieter around the nerve toxin, then again it takes off. Or so it seems. After all, isn’t it more likely that the media will report on it at certain times? About faces, sometimes beautified, sometimes disfigured? Those who doubt the treatment get their confirmation. Those who swear by botolinum toxin also. So who is right? We clarify.

Mode of action of botolinum toxin

Anyone who wants to understand how a treatment with Botolinum toxin such different results can result, must deal with its mode of action. This is because, unlike fillers, for example, botolinum toxin addresses the cause of the Wrinkles an. While fillers only reline the wrinkles, botolinum toxin temporarily relaxes the muscles.

Its mode of action has long been researched, and the U.S. wanted to use it for military purposes during World War II. Why it is still used in aesthetic medicine today? The dose makes it!

In aesthetic medicine, the doses are individually adjusted to the patient so that the desired result can be achieved. For therapy, the toxin is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. This interrupts the transmission of impulses from the nerve cells to the muscle. As a result, facial muscles can no longer be contracted. Mimic wrinkles can no longer form, which smoothes the skin’s appearance.

Preventing the formation of wrinkles through early treatments

Everyone knows that when muscles are stressed, they strengthen and grow. In sports, this may be desirable, but in terms of a youthful appearance of the skin, stressing the muscles causes wrinkles to form. In other words, if you hardly strain your facial muscles, you prevent wrinkles from forming.

This is best done as long as wrinkles have not yet developed. Many young adults take advantage of this knowledge and have themselves treated at an early stage. This delays the onset of wrinkles and slows down the natural aging processes.

Botolinum toxin therapy for wrinkle treatment

The far better known application of botolinum toxin is the treatment of existing wrinkles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet. For several decades, this anti-aging method has proven itself and has been used many times.

From a medical point of view, this means that on the basis of the many individual examples, the effect and tolerability of botolinum toxin has been comparatively well researched and a large number of experiences can be drawn upon.

Limits of the therapy possibilities with Botolinum-Toxin

However, not all wrinkles can be minimized with this method. Since the effect is directly on the muscle, only mimic wrinkles can be treated. Other wrinkles, such as those caused by skin aging processes and the breakdown of collagen and elastin, cannot be compensated for with botolinum toxin.

Botolinum toxin is naturally broken down by the body. This means that the treatment can be repeated to achieve a long-term effect of 4 months.

Advantages of Botolinum Toxin

The advantages of botolinum toxin therapy are that it is usually well tolerated. Only in rare cases allergic reactions and intolerances occur. However, side effects and secondary effects of botolinum toxin can also have positive effects on the organism.

It has been reported several times that botolinum toxin treatment has led to the reduction of migraine pain. In addition, it helps against strabismus, overactive bladders and heavy sweating.

Next steps to smooth skin

Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of botolinum toxin cannot avoid treatment. These always proceed in a similar way: first comes a detailed consultation. As soon as the patient has expressed his wishes and ideas and these have been checked for feasibility, the treatment can be carried out.

Treatment with botolinum toxin usually takes only a few minutes. To do this, the skin on the area to be treated is first disinfected. Subsequently, the injections are performed at the agreed locations to relax the corresponding muscles.

The number of individual stitches into the skin needed to complete the treatment depends on the extent of the treatment. For the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows, approximately four stitches are needed, while for forehead wrinkles more are needed, since a larger area must be treated. However, it can be said that on average about 30ml of botolinum toxin is injected.

To answer the question from the introduction, whether botolinum toxin beautifies or disfigures: Both can be the case. The good thing, however, is that as a patient, you can limit the risk factors very well by consulting physicians and getting treatment only from trained professionals. No high-class doctor can afford botched work.

So now, if you want to be sure to become more beautiful, or if you still have unanswered questions about treatment in Zurich, you are welcome to contact your Skin Doctor contact. Here you will learn everything about anti-aging methods and botolinum toxin treatments.