BodyTite: body tightening and liposuction with radio frequency

A beautiful appearance does not stop below the chin. Because time leaves its mark not only on the face. The skin on the body also changes. There are various reasons for this. The connective tissue loses its elasticity, fat pads and cellulite increase. BodyTite combines liposuction and radiofrequency therapy.

Just as for the face, there are fortunately today at the Beauty Doc also many minimally invasive treatments for the body, the innovative BodyTite. Liposuction without surgery and at the same time tighten the body. How this is possible explains the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Sascha Dunst.

Dr. Sascha Dunst from the Swiss Clinic for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery skinmed explains the procedure of body treatment with BodyTite: “As in the face, the body can also be optimized with the help of radio frequency. For this purpose, under local anesthesia or twilight sleep, a cannula is inserted directly into the fat layer under the skin, and the elastic and collagen connective tissue fibers are heated to about 60 to 70 degrees. The cannula is equipped with an electrode that generates radio waves. These tighten the connective tissue of the skin and liquefy the fat, which can then be suctioned out using the cannula. As a result, the BodyTite treatment tightens the upper arms, neck, thighs, abdomen, side back and buttocks, and also shows positive results on cellulite and lipedema.”

After treatment with BodyTite

“You can go home right after the treatment, but you should take rest for three days. For a smooth healing process, you should refrain from sports activities for the first week,” says the doctor.

Outcome and cost:

“We can tighten many problem areas through BodyTite treatment, such as neck, upper arms, bra line, knees, thighs, etc. The treatment is also effective for cellulite and lipedema. Removed fat cells do not return, but stretched fibers and septa may reappear over the years as the aging process continues. How long this takes depends on genetic predisposition and individual lifestyle,” emphasizes the plastic surgeon. Costs from CHF 5,500.

Photo: Adobe Stock