Bodyforming is the new lifting

A beautiful look doesn’t stop below the chin. Just like for the face, there are many minimally invasive treatments for the body at the Beauty Doc today. We present in the next few weeks the latest techniques against cellulite & Co. You will learn from experts how the methods work, what the risks, chances of success and costs are.

One thing right away: there is no miracle cure for a firm body. You can tackle the dents and ripples on your stomach and legs with ultrasound or radio frequency to the fat reserves or take up the fight with targeted fitness. However, smooth skin and a crisp body are usually the result of several methods and responsible doctors know that even these clearly have their limits. Even the best beauty doc can’t make excess weight disappear. So it all comes down to the right mix of healthy fit food, effective workout and professional treatments.

Time leaves its mark not only on the face. The skin on the body also changes. This has various causes. The main reason that the body is not (no longer) tight: we eat too much sweets, too many carbohydrates and too few fruits and vegetables. As a result, we produce acid salts that are deposited between the cells, and the connective tissue loses its tone. In addition, free radicals cause trouble for the body’s skin. The so-called oxidative stress is caused by environmental toxins, UV rays, nicotine and alcohol. Two layers of the skin in particular are affected: the skin surface and its elastic fibers in depth. In the elastic fibers of the dermis, the stress leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and the skin loses its elasticity. What to do? In the diet, focus on foods that contain antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. Good scavengers of radicals are also green tea, gingko and the flavonoids from red and green grapes as well as the trace elements copper, selenium and zinc (e.g. in shrimps, nuts, Emmental).

Bodyforming with ultrasound & Co.

A gentle method to optimize the body silhouette is the so-called “Accent Prime”. The device combines the technologies of radio frequency and ultrasound. “Radio frequency provides heating of the water in the skin, which causes the collagen fibers in the connective tissue to contract. Cold and hot ultrasound can destroy the envelope of the fat cells whereby stored fat can be released and broken down via the metabolism,” explains Dr. Stefan Duve from the Munich Skin and Laser Center at the Opera. Depending upon characteristic of the Fettpolster and slackness of the skin the penetration depth and the interaction of the energies can be co-ordinated individually with the patient. A completely new feature is the particularly large applicator, the “Ultra-Speed Handpiece”. With it, one can treat the entire abdominal area in 20 minutes.

How does the method work?
Gradual heating and integrated cooling make treatment with Accent Prime extremely comfortable. One application takes only about 30 minutes per area to be treated.

Risks and side effects
Downtime is not to be expected. Immediately after application, there may be slight redness, but this will subside by the following day at the latest.

Do the fat cells disappear forever?
For optimal results, three sessions are recommended, which should be performed within two weeks. The final result is seen after approximately four to six months. The fat cells are deflated but not permanently removed.

Suitable for which part of the body?
Used mainly on the abdomen, waist and thighs and buttocks.

From 300 euros per session.

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