Bodycontouring without dieting and sweaty fitness!

Bodycontouring without dieting and exercising! Lying comfortably on a couch instead of sweaty situps. Can this work? It was a dominant theme at this year’s IMCAS, the World Congress of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. The congress took place in Paris at the end of January, making it one of the last major events in aesthetic medicine.

I had the chance to do an interview with Dr. Klaus Hoffmann afterwards He is the head of the Center for Laser Medicine of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia at the University Dermatology Clinic Bochum and the ideal partner for the podcast episode 007 on the topic of body contouring.

One thing right away: a device that optimally shapes the body does not exist in the view of the dermatologist. “We therefore have various methods in use for body contouring and there are numerous lasers on the market for a reason,” explains Dr. Hoffmann.

The fact that one can completely without intervention and downtime can reduce unsightly fat deposits, promises the “SculpSure” laser, which works with light energy and heat. It has been approved by the stringent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the world’s only non-invasive laser approved for fat reduction with the aid of heat.

“By this treatment the storage fat in the fat cells is broken down“, explains Dr. Hoffmann already once summarizing. The destroyed fat cell is discharged by the lymphatic system and broken down by the metabolism.

Bodycontouring without downtime

The device has been on the market in the USA since 2015 and in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 2016. However, the effect of heat on fat cells has been known and researched for many years. “What is special about the fat-away laser is that. Fatty tissue is heated between 42 and 45 degrees can be heated without damaging the remaining tissue. Neither nerves, blood vessels nor organs are affected,” explains Dr. Hoffmann. And he emphasizes: “In various studies, it has been demonstrated by MRI that already after one treatment up to 24 percent of the fat cells were removed.”

A cooling system on the surface of the skin ensures that the treatment is perceived as painless is painless. The treatment is completed after only 25 minutes, there is no downtime and you can go about your daily activities afterwards.

StimSure instead of 24,000 sit-ups

The body contouring is supported by a laser that works with radio frequency and thus additionally tightens the skin. Brand new is the electromagnetic device, “StimSure,” which triggers a whopping 24,000 muscle contractions in just 20 to 30 minutes. “Electric current is generated by the electromagnetic field, which causes the muscles to contract like during a fitness workout“, explains Dr. Hoffmann. Important to know: One kilogram of muscle mass consumes about three times as many calories as one kilogram of fat. Our muscle tissue contributes to about 20 percent of our daily energy needs. The contribution of our fat tissue, on the other hand, is just about 5 percent. A nice side effect of the “StimSure” treatment: By strengthening and building up the muscles, the metabolism is thus sustainably boosted.

I can use this after the somewhat sluggish quarantine months, I absolutely must test to get rid of my Corona pounds! In addition, the training in the gym at least in Munich is not yet possible… So lying comfortably on a couch instead of sweaty sit-ups – I will test and report!

Lead photo: Sladjana Karvounis, Photo: Bill Oxford