Body powder – the delicate all-rounder

Face powder is part of every woman’s basic equipment, like cream on a strawberry tart. Makeup without a mattifying finish? Unthinkable! But for some women – like me – beauty life without body powder is conceivable, but not desirable. I can’t and won’t live without it. It is a wonderful beauty and anti-aging ritual that gives you a sense of luxury.

My friend was horrified when I told her about my daily powder rush, “But powder dries out the skin, right?!!” No. It lays on the skin like gauzy silk and protects it from drying out. And everyone knows: dry skin = wrinkles, chapped, flaky patches. Body powder has been forgotten as an anti-aging product for far too long.

Body powder brings Hollywood glamour

I do not repeat now the complete conversation with my girlfriend, also because she interrupted me far too often instead of listening to me. Now no one can interrupt me and therefore I can tell in detail and in peace. So: I love body powder because the skin then feels caressingly soft, it is protected from drying out, sweat, sebum and odor are absorbed and it cools pleasantly in the summer. In summer and winter, the feet are also happy about a powder treatment – you do not sweat, there are no unpleasant odors and powder in the spaces between the toes prevents the toes and shoe rub against each other, causing blisters.

My beautician recommends her clients who suffer from pimples on their décolleté, back or upper arms to use body powder. Because the pustules heal and the skin can calm down. For women with large breasts, she advises powdering the areas between and under the breasts – this keeps the areas dry and prevents painful redness. While on the subject of soothing and healing the skin, I should mention: If red spots or pustules appear on the legs after shaving – which does happen: please powder. And everything will be fine in a moment.

Delicate all-rounder

For me, body powder is inextricably linked to the Hollywood glamour of the ’40s and ’50s, with stars like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner and Yvonne de Carlo. I see the lavishly furnished boudoirs before me, with dressing tables surrounded by ornate mirrors. The tables were crowded with little jars and pots, brushes of every size and color, perfume bottles and glamorous powder compacts, next to which lay poufs – with a pink satin bow into which you put your fingers to lavishly dust the powder onto your skin.

Okay, I’m not in a boudoir, I’m in our bathroom. I’m not sitting on a cute red upholstered chair, but on the edge of the bathtub – but that doesn’t interfere with the luxurious body powder ritual. I’m practically sitting in a fragrant cloud of powder. And when the sun shines into the bathroom and the fine dust dances through the sun’s rays – that is pure luxury and happiness. Like any happiness, this one doesn’t come rushing in just like that: after bathing and showering, the body lotion should already be well absorbed before it gets its fine finish. I always brush my teeth in the meantime.

If you also want to feel a bit like a Hollywood diva, I recommend:

“Le Parfumeur Noir”

Body powder with ylang ylang, plum, rose and vanilla (100 g 22 euros)

Capri Forget me not

with vanilla, fig, mint from Carthusia (100 g, 25 Euro)

“Silk powder”

with sage, gentian and oak bark by Dr. Hauschka (50g, 19,50 Euro)

“White Linen”

with Bulgarian rose, iris extract and violet by Estée Lauder (100g, 50 Euro)

(from left to right)

Text: Conny Eyssen

Photo: Street