Body Positivity – Learning Self Love

Everyone knows the days when you don’t feel like you’ve come out of the woodwork and therefore try to spice up your dark circles or tired complexion with makeup. However, it is shocking how many women perceive themselves this way every day and could not imagine at all to leave the house completely without make-up. Fortunately, there is a counter-trend and it’s called Body Positivity.

Who is completely satisfied with themselves? Almost two-thirds of all German women complain about their appearance. There’s too little bulge in the front, too much in the back, the nose should be shorter, the pout should be more pronounced, there’s a worry line here and cellulite there. This is also confirmed by the latest figures. A survey* makes it clear how much women struggle with their appearance, how insecure and unhappy they are with their looks.

  • More than half of the women surveyed said they wanted to improve their appearance through makeup, sports or hairstyle and thus get more out of themselves.
  • 51% of the respondents envy other women who know how to make themselves look their best through makeup.
  • 63% admire women who are always perfectly styled and made up despite a stressful everyday life.
  • Just under 40% of women would like to present themselves differently, but do not dare to express this through makeup, clothing or hair styling.

Countertrend Body Positivity

These figures make it abundantly clear that a large proportion of women are insecure or not really satisfied with their own appearance. That’s where the counter-trend to “slim, flawless, sexy” gives hope. “Body positivity” (the positive attitude towards one’s own body) is the name of this movement, which advocates more acceptance and self-love.

Am I beautiful, body positivity, beauty, Marina JagemannMore and more companies (e.g. Dove, Nike and Asos) are now doing away with hours of Photoshop retouching in their campaigns. And also more and more fashion companies relied on models that look like normal women or even have small physical flaws that were not photoshopped. The beauty company Avène is also addressing this issue and is dedicating a dossier to it in the current Avène Journal under the motto: “I think I’m beautiful!

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* Representative Ipsos survey commissioned by Demak’Up, January 2018.