Body lifting the gentle way – a field report

I am on my way to Regensburg, to the practice of dermatologist Dr. Stefanie Meyer. At the World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Paris I learned about a new technique for body toning, the body is trained and the without any sweaty fitness. Am sooo excited.

Dr. Klaus Hoffmann has already informed me about the technical details in Paris, with whom I was able to conduct an exciting podcast interview after his lecture. I’ll find out how the new tool for body toning feels in a moment…

In the anamnesis conversation with the dermatologist, the first question is which part of my body I would like to optimize. No question, my belly will be the test region. In addition the suggestion of Dr. Meyer: start with a laser treatment and then use the new electromagnetic device “StimSure”. The treatment with both tools makes sense, because unfortunately my abdominal region not only lacks muscles, but the corona fat cells have also stubbornly taken up residence here.

I agree and curious how the treatment feels. The “SculpSure”, which is the name of the laser, is supposed to heat my Reduce storage fat in the cells. The destroyed fat cells are then broken down by the lymphatic system via metabolism.

Body tightening with the laser

The laser applicators are positioned and strapped to the abdomen with a kind of belt. . That my fatty tissue is heated up to 47 degrees I can hardly believe. “This is because a special cooling system on the surface of the skin ensures that the treatment is almost as painless is felt. The surrounding tissue, blood vessels, nerves and organs are also spared,” explains Dr. Meyer.

Marina Jagemann tests SculSureIn total, the treatment lasts 25 minutes and I can say that I love the treatment relaxing rather than unpleasant have felt. However, this may also be due to the interesting conversation that I had with the dermatologist during this time.

Short break and then it’s on to the “StimSure”, which I am so particularly curious about. The tool is supposed to say and write up to 24,000 muscle contractions in just 20 to 30 minutes. trigger. Wow. The idea behind it: When you build muscle, you not only tone the treated area, but you also even boosts his metabolism in the long term! One kilogram of muscle mass consumes about three times as many calories as one kilogram of fat.

Body toning experience – this is what it feels like

When it starts, I feel a slight tugging and tingling sensation on my stomach. It reminds me of my earlier EMS training, which, like the “StimSure”, also works with electric current. However, through the use of magnetic technology, the effect goes to the depth of the muscle and not just to the muscle envelope., as with EMS training. “The device can be used at different intensities and for almost any body region. In total there are 60 programsso that a highly individualized treatment plan is possible,” says Dr. Meyer.

And when do you see that RESULT? Dr. Meyer: “Already after the first treatment you can see the first results, more pronounced results of body toning are visible after 6 to 8 sessions.” And the result after the “SculpSure” treatment? “”In various studies it has been proven by MRI that already after one treatment. up to 24 percent of fat cells were removed.”

Result and cost of body lifting

And finally, what should I pay attention to after the treatments, are there risks and side effects? “After both treatments you are immediately socially acceptable again. The skin may be reddish in color, sensitive and somewhat swollen after the laser treatment. This can last up to two weeks. ” The COSTS per session: “SculpSure” per applicator about 250 euros, “StimSure” per session about 300 euros. There are also package prices, which vary depending on the practice.

My conclusion: I feel great after both treatments and will probably become a repeat offender given my “problem area”. Had No pain at all and I gladly put up with the pulling and tingling, because sit-ups have never been one of my favorite activities. And: Already the day after, my belly actually feels a little firmer….