Body contouring with high tech

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Nothing is more seductive than a shapely body with curves in all the right places. But who has that? With the combination of various treatments at the experienced Beauty Doc, body contouring can be achieved without surgery.

Of course, with a balanced diet and exercise, you can do a lot yourself to keep your body in shape. But unfortunately this does not help in every case. Some pads just don’t want to give way. Quite new HIFU – with which a Circumference reduction of several centimeters could be demonstrated. This is how it works.

When every diet and fitness program come unsuccessful innovative treatments for body contouring. But even these treatments clearly have their limits. Even the best doctor can’t make excess weight disappear. Only when problem areas stubbornly resist all diets and fitness measures do responsible doctors take action. Beauty Docs to action.

Combination treatments are in vogue. You can treat the problem areas on the abdomen, legs and buttocks with Cryolipolysis and Radio Frequency go to the fat reserves or take up the fight with HIFU. However, smooth skin and a crisp body are mostly the result of several methods. With the right mix of innovative treatment methods and modern equipment technology, as well as the experience of an accomplished medical professional, even minimally invasive achieve very good results.

Body Contouring with HIFU

Brand new is HIFU – read it right. This is not a Japanese martial art, but highly focused ultrasound (High intensity focus ultrasound). With the device “Ultraformer 3” a circumference reduction of two to four centimeters could be demonstrated.

For body contouring, the so-called cryolipolysis, the reduction of fat with the help of cold therapy, has proven itself. With the device “Clatuu” can reduce up to 35 percent of subcutaneous fat tissue within one session. The device has different cooling levels that go down to -9 degrees. The RESULTS are visible after 2 to 3 months.

Complementary to the skin tightening Radio Frequency Therapy used. In addition, heat generation accelerates fat metabolism and release of liquid fat from cells. In combination with cryolipolysis, this can be used to treat the entire Body silhouette shape.

Munich dermatologist Dr. Gerd Gauglitz explains exactly how these three techniques, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency and HIFU work and can be combined when it comes to body contouring.

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