Blowtox – more hair volume thanks to Botox?

Botulinum for the hair, does that make sense at all? Hair Botox or also called Blowtox ensures that the scalp no longer sweats, fat production is inhibited and the approach thereby more volume has. How does this work?

Thanks to Blowtox the hair should look every day like after a fresh “Blowout” (wash, lay, blow dry) at the hairdresser look. A great idea. How useful is it to have Botox injected for this?

What exactly is done in the treatment? “In this variant. Botulinum is injected into the scalp with 150 to 250 fine needle sticks below the hair follicles. The active ingredient is in diluted form by means of microinjections. distributed in the area of the hairy head. This temporarily immobilizes the sweat glands and even during vigorous physical activity, you no longer sweat on your head,” explains dermatologist and head of Rosenpark Klink Dr. Gerhard Sattler.

And further: “Similarly, the botulinum injection also works for hyperhidrosis, pathologically caused increased sweating. The treatment is often along the hairline applied to the forehead or, in men, to the sideburns. However, it can also be injected extensively over the entire head.”

Blowtox – the result?

Seven to ten days after the treatment the Effect and then holds mostly three to six months. “Injecting Botox inhibits sweating of the scalp. This significantly extends the time between hair washes,” says Dr. Sattler. It is particularly suitable for people who do a lot of sports or suffer from excessive sweat production (hyperhidrosis). For a lasting effect the treatment should be performed every six months.

Is anesthesia necessary for Blowtox?

Since the scalp is one of the sensitive regions, a pain pill can be given in advance to sensitive patients. Otherwise, the injections during Blowtox are well tolerated.

When will I be operational again?

Immediately after the treatment. One should only avoid sports and physically strenuous work for the next 24 hours.

Blowtox costs?

From 700 euros (whole head 1,200 euros)

Lead photo: Averie Woodard