Better Aging Spa Program

Today, beauty is no longer defined only by good looks. Look good is synonymous with feel good, outer and inner beauty should complement each other.

“The Nescens Spa program is all about prevention, both in terms of products and treatments,” Director of Spa Hans-Peter Veit tells me. He has overseen and implemented the entire better-aging program in its development. Science has also long been concerned with beauty. The Nescens program is based on the findings and studies of the “Center for Prevention of Aging” at the Swiss Genolier Clinic. The result is effective but also sensual treatments that I look forward to every day.

We start with the so-called balneotherapy. The detox bath is simply wonderful. Because our skin is the largest detoxification organ, this process can be supported with targeted baths. Toxins can be led out of the body via the sweat glands. The warm water opens the pores of the skin so that the harmful substances can be drawn out of the skin and at the same time nutrients and minerals can be better absorbed.

This is followed by exfoliation to further aid the process. In the 90-minute “Nescens 3-in-1”, the body, as the name suggests, is brought into shape in a triple way, with lymphatic drainage, pack and massage.

Better aging: a mix of medicine and cosmetics

nescens-treatmentSignature treatments were also developed in collaboration with the Nescens research team. The “Better-Aging Signature Body Massage” is designed to detoxify, drain, and release blockages and tension in the body along muscle and energy pathways. The “Anti-Stress Signature Massage” combines moderate pressure with targeted stretches. The result: pure relaxation – I would love to take a nap on the massage table right away…

Cosmeceuticals are on the agenda for facials. A combination of medical know-how and professional cosmetics. Under the direction of Professor Jacques Proust, products with scientifically proven anti-aging properties have been developed. On the basis of a thorough skin analysis, an individual anti-aging care program is created to improve the skin’s appearance in the long term. My agenda includes both preventive and corrective treatments, which are truly some of the best facials I have enjoyed.


My conclusion: The Nescens Better Aging Program is first class. You can hardly celebrate anti-aging in a more luxurious and enjoyable way. I was not hungry for a moment and looked forward to each program item and the loving care. When it came to eating, I didn’t even have the feeling of having to do without anything. On the contrary, the many delicacies surprised me. I find it amazing that I lost a kilo in the process. For me, the four days are the start of a more conscious lifestyle, with more exercise and less fromage…

The four-day Spa Nescens Better Aging program costs from CHF 4,850 per person, including accommodation.

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