Better aging food – the pounds fall off

As I learn, most people book the Better-Aging program at Victoria Virgo to lose weight. This is also my secret wish….

Many who are interested in Better-Aging have been on a diet before. Motivated and dedicated, they have followed the respective rules. Every day they prepared exactly the prescribed recipes, ate protein by the gram and counted every drop of oil. The success was wonderful, the kilos melted away. But after only a short time, those pesky pounds have reappeared. Is there an effective counterstrategy?

Most of the time, after a diet, you actually end up back where you were before in terms of weight or – even worse – the scales show even more kilos. According to the principle: three kilos down, five back on. The famous yo-yo effect.

Who wants to lose weight must eat

The fact that almost all weight loss programs fail is mainly due to the fact that fat reserves are to be eliminated far too radically. However, serious experts agree: losing weight only works in small steps and there is no such thing as a “one-fits-all diet”. Because it becomes ever clearer: With the up and down of the kilos not only the frustration of the concerning grows, it harms also the health. “Constant ups and downs in weight promote obesity and thus also health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes,” explains Dr. Heinz Schaad, chief physician at Interlaken Hospital and responsible for the medical check-up at the Victoria Jungfrau. “Countless people who want to lose weight fail diets because they simply eat too little,” says the health expert.

In the Victoria virgin one wants to beat with the nourishing concept particularly developed for the hotel the Jo Jo trap a Schnippchen and sets on a food combination from plentifully protein, salad and vegetable. Easily digestible carbohydrates such as white flour products and sugar are deleted from the menu. Here, enjoyment is combined with healthy food.

Gourmet pleasure with 1,200 calories

Delicious three-course menus are prepared and can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner in the La Terrasse and Quaranta Uno restaurants. On request, all dishes can also be served in the magnificent Spa Suites or simply in the Spa Bistro.

Here are a few menu examples that make your mouth water just reading (and writing, for that matter):

Appetizer: Vichyssoise & Salmon tartare
Main course: sea bream with thyme & savory
Dessert: Exotic soufflé


Appetizer: Celery soup
Main course: Sea bass poached in herb broth
Dessert: Poor knight & apple


Appetizer: Coconut lemongrass soup & Eden shrimp
Main course: Grilled Tuna & Sauce aromates
Dessert: Chocolate soufflé


How the gifted chef manages to reduce these delicacies to 1,200 calories unfortunately remains his secret.

The better-aging cuisine is combined with personal training. Because you can only lose weight healthily and in the long term if you balance your metabolism and increase your basal metabolic rate at the same time. More about this tomorrow.

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