Belly off with liposuction – a painful experience

The job in the stressful film industry, the pounds that come with the years: After years of trying to lose weight, Berlin-based set architect Petra Bernd* gave up hope on sports and dieting and opted for liposuction on her stomach and hips. Here is her liposuction experience – six months after the procedure.

“This everlasting weight loss! It always worked out well and successfully, but just as surely the setbacks came. I was always afraid of surgery, but at some point I just couldn’t stand just concealing my body. And when, at my minimum weight for the last 15 years, my belly, waist and hips remained unchangedly plump, I gave myself a jolt and went to a Berlin surgeon who had been recommended to me by a friend. The consultation was detailed and very friendly, but in retrospect, not the best. I was not prepared for the pain, the liposuction experience was much more painful than expected.

The surgeon literally said to me it was like sore muscles for two days. Nonetheless: the surgery was done very professionally from my perspective, good clinic, nothing to complain about. I felt safe and secure, even though a lot was done on me. That was 60 by 60 centimeters that was worked on, that’s a big wound from the inside. The surgery lasted three hours, and the doctor pumped out 600 grams of fat cells at the end.

The liposuction experience was very painful

The first three weeks after the procedure were horrible. Anything but a positive liposuction experience. I should have made it three weeks of vacation. The second week I started working again, but I had to stop right away because it just didn’t work, because I was in too much pain, couldn’t move, couldn’t sit in the car. During this time I thought with all my heart: this was a bad decision. This was a mistake, I was hurting myself. I also told the doctor that, she then said that it was because of the large area, that it was simply not a walk in the park.

She made me feel at the time that I shouldn’t have taken that word ‘sore’ so seriously, that I was naive. Today I think she just wanted to brush me off. Nevertheless, I can also say: I was there three times after the procedure, and I was looked after very nicely. The doctor was patient and put me at ease. It was a good feeling to talk to a woman.

But now, six months later, I can only say: it’s terrific. The effect was a long time coming, but now it’s there, I feel like a woman again. For six weeks I still had to wear a girdle, and another month later, about ten weeks after the operation, the swellings finally went down. That’s when I realized: Okay, these pants are really loose now, and I can finally wear a T-shirt again.

I’m happy with my belly

I’m still strong, I don’t have model measurements, but I feel a thousand times better. I like myself, I have a figure again. And I can live with the rest of the body much better now too, even if it’s not perfect. I feel comfortable in my body again, I have a figure again, I’m not a… what should I call it – a rectangle anymore. I’m happy when I get dressed, I’m happy when I see myself in the mirror. I really feel like a beautiful woman again. And I have suppressed the memory of the pain, because I want to suppress it. That is also the right thing to do. Today I say: The operation was a super coup. Now I like myself, now the image is right.

Conclusion of liposuction

My conclusion? I know it sounds paradoxical: if I had been told beforehand what pain I could expect on the one hand, and how satisfied I would be with the result on the other, I would not have had the procedure. It was a horror. Period. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything.

Perhaps my convalescence was so difficult because I had to return to work quickly. It may be that the pain would have subsided more quickly if I had really taken it easy. Along those lines, my urgent advice to anyone thinking about liposuction in this region: take a vacation, find a setting where you will be cared for. But do it. It’s really worth it.”

*name known to editors

Editor’s note: In response to our inquiry, the surgeon stated that the procedure went without complication and that the problems during downtime were not uncommon.

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