Beauty wishes of women – a mega study

One thing is certain: every woman wants to be beautiful. Even if feminists are now tearing their hair out: Beauty desires play a major role in women’s lives internationally. This is the result of a mega study by Nivea.

Care first! What do women do for a beautiful complexion? The beauty wishes and preferences of 25,000 women worldwide in 21 countries between the ages of 14 and 75 were investigated – with some surprising results.

Let’s get one thing straight right away: women consider their face to be “dear, expensive and valuable” – more than any other part of the body. This is the result of the “Global Face Care & Cleansing Study” by Nivea. As many as 97 percent of those surveyed said they use cosmetics, 87 percent of whom use special care for the face. Interestingly, Indians use their facial care most intensively, and according to the results of the study, Poland is the Korea of Europe. What is meant by this is that from Poland very many new trends are coming and Polish women are “heavy” cosmetics users. “If you want to know what beauty trends are on the rise in Europe, you should take a look at Poland,” the study concludes.

Beauty desires in comparison

The global hero of the beauty industry is – who is surprised? – clearly the Lipstick. It is used in almost all countries and by most women. An important question of the study is: How much time do women spend in their own bathroom? On average, the female sex spends 18.9 minutes on grooming and makeup in the morning and another 13.8 minutes in the evening.

The front-runners are Mexican women, with a whopping 37.3 minutes in the morning. In comparison, German women are really fast with 15.9 minutes. In the evening, the Argentines are particularly thorough with 23.6 minutes, while the Swedes are in a hurry to get to bed with 8.5 minutes.

Which skin cytpen dominate?

And how do women rate their own skin? Only 28 percent of all female study participants describe their Skin type as “normal.” The proportion of respondents who state that they have a “normal” skin type is equally high. combination skin to have mixed skin. In Vietnam, 49 percent of all women consider their skin to be “normal,” compared with only 19 percent in France. In turn, 48 percent of Italian women classify their complexion as sensitive, whereas only 15 percent of women in Vietnam consider their skin to be “normal”. sensitive designate.

On the trail of aging

What particularly bothers women about their skin as they get older? According to the study, the list is long and is headed by a “tired complexion.” It is followed by first Wrinkles, lack of moisture, sagging skin appearance, deeper wrinkles, Drooping eyelids, age spots, Hyperpigmentation, sagging of contours, lack of firmness and elasticity.

And finally, the desires of women. The list is headed by the subject Humidity, the care should also provide a pleasantly soft skin, prevent the signs of the Prevent skin aging and combat visible skin aging. However, it is also very important to women that their complexion looks healthy and that they can do something good for themselves with their skin care. Fortunately, most of these wishes are not visions of the future, but are already being fulfilled today by innovative beauty products fulfilled!

Lead image: unsplash/Allyson Weislogel