Beauty trend thread lifting: On the trail of youth

Threadlifting is one of the new beauty trends. Why? Because this method is particularly effective and gentle at the same time. After a treatment, you can immediately continue your everyday life in its usual way. The good thing about thread lifting is: recovery after the treatment does not take long and you do not have to take care of yourself for so long and hide at home.Because the regeneration of the skin is at the same time the beautiful result of the treatment. A small miracle and certainly one of the reasons why this therapy enjoys such great popularity. The only question is how this is possible. You can find answers here.

Is the method suitable for me?

Thread lifting shows its special effect especially in the facial area and neck. Accordingly, a thread lift is suitable for lifting the jawline, cheeks, corners of the mouth and the nasal-mouth fold. This results in the cheekbones looking fuller. Thus, drooping cheeks and eye wrinkles can be smoothed and the lowering of the eyebrows can be reversed, making the eyes look more open.

This is also what is new about the therapy, as this was previously only possible through traditional lifting, for example. A double chin can be lifted with the help of this method, giving the face a young appearance. On the neck and décolleté, on the upper arms and other parts of the body, such as the chest and inner thighs, this method can also be used to tighten the wrinkles that appear due to skin aging.

Thread lifting therapy can help anyone achieve contour improvement. However, as with all therapies, the success depends on the type and severity of the Wrinkles from. In addition, the condition of the skin is decisive in this therapy procedure. If the skin is not yet too saggy, better results can be achieved, which is the case for women between the ages of 40 and 60.

How does thread lifting work and how does the therapy proceed?

Smoothing and tightening of the skin by thread lifting is gentle and effective at the same time. During the therapy, threads are pulled into the subcutaneous tissue with a microneedle. Only the latest threads are used to achieve the best possible results. The threads are equipped with very many and very small barbs or cones. This increases their tensile strength and they anchor themselves in the skin after targeted insertion, which prevents them from slipping. The sagging tissue is thus tightened and stretched.

The threads cause what is known as fibrosis in the skin. This is, in simple terms, scarring. This means that connective tissue builds up around the thread. This is scarring under the skin that cannot be seen and tightens the connective tissue. This lasts up to three years, which means that the effect lasts longer than the threads are in the skin. This is because after about 10 to 18 months, the thread is absorbed by the skin. Thus, another procedure to remove it is not necessary.

Depending on how many threads are inserted into the skin per procedure during thread lifting, the treatment takes between 15 and 40 minutes. Since in most cases only a local anesthetic is needed, you can express wishes during the treatment and go home directly afterwards. After the thread lift is performed, swelling or the appearance of bruises must be expected.

Such pain sensations and swellings can be quickly reduced by applying a cooling bag, whereby the swellings usually subside after a few days and the result can show its effect after a short time. Other risks associated with the treatment are very low and are limited to aspects of hygiene.

Since we are in the Skin Center Zurich work with the highest hygiene standards anyway, an infection of the sutures is almost impossible due to the sterile working methods. Theoretically, there may also be an intolerance to the sutures, but this is very rarely the case. Risks can be excluded in the best possible way by the trained specialist staff. However, if an intolerance is detected, it can be reacted to competently. So you are always on the safe side and can look forward to smooth and firm skin.

What can I expect from a thread lifting treatment?

Threadlifting treatment can define facial contours and reduce wrinkling on various parts of the body. Initial results are visible immediately after treatment, with the full effect taking effect after about three to four weeks. In addition, scarring is excluded and the result, unlike a surgical face lift, does not look so artificial.

The short treatment time, low risk of pain and inflammation, and quick healing process speak for themselves. Contact your skin doctor Zurich today and ask the questions that are still unanswered and get helpful information. Dr. Fuchs & Colleagues will be happy to advise you further. You will find contact information under