Beauty treatments that last only a few moments

Even if age is written all over our faces, the traces of time can be reversed – partially or even completely. We are talking about the fight against wrinkles. Years ago, facelifts were still necessary for such beauty treatments. Incisions had to be made at the temples, on the chin or behind the ears to achieve the “ideal result”. Subsequently, the skin was lifted and tightened.

However, such procedures, which are very time-consuming, hardly ever need to be performed nowadays. Today, everything revolves around minimally invasive interventions – for example, by means of Botulinum toxin (better known as Botox), Laser or by using Hyaluronic acid.

Such procedures are offered by Dr. Martha Bernard in her practice in Munich. She has been a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery since 2006. She knows that only a fraction of all patients still want a surgical face lift. Rather, today’s patients – regardless of whether they are men or women – would prefer a so-called “lunch break treatment” prefer.

The laser therapy

Laser treatment is recommended when the patient desires a firmer and more beautiful weight and does not want to have surgery. It can also make annoying body hair or unsightly scars disappear.

Dr. Bernard works with the Erbium:Yag Laser Joule® and the BBL – Broad Band Light (company Sciton).

The BBL is not a classical laser. The device emits short-wave, visible and highly concentrated light and works particularly gently, the so-called flash lamp. – Especially for the permanent hair removal, Vascular changes Or Pigment spots this method is suitable.

It is important that the patient – after the procedure – avoids sunbathing for three weeks. He should also not use self-tanner seven days before and not take any medications that provide for an increase in photosensitivity.

Hyaluronic acid restores volume loss

Loss of volume is usually the cause when lips become thinner and more wrinkled. One way to treat this is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluron stores water and therefore represents a very effective moisture reservoir represents. It is a natural component of the skin, but decreases with age.

Hyaluron has the advantage that it integrates very well into the tissue. The formation of nodules or irregularities is unlikely. Furthermore, after any overcorrection, the physician can inject an enzyme so that the injected hyaluronic acid decomposes again.

Beauty treatments with hyaluronic acid last for several months. However, it should be repeated after about a year. Another advantage of a hyaluronic acid application is that the patient is immediately socially fit again afterwards.

Preventing wrinkles: tips and tricks

Also the Use of simple home remedies is suitable to counteract the first wrinkles, such as homemade masks and scrubs.

Two examples: A peeled cucumber is seeded and the remaining flesh is pureed. Subsequently, the pulp can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté. The Cucumber not only moisturizes the skin more and makes it look fresher, but also reduces pores and degreases. Another option is lukewarm water over at least two bags of Chamomile tea to run. Then drain the bags and put them on the eyes. They help to make the eye area look fresher again. Other vegetables and fruits can also be used for a moisturizing and vitamin-giving mask.

Important: The skin should not always be treated only when the first wrinkles are already visible. Wrinkles and loss of volume can be treated preventively. When the first “real” wrinkles appear, it is therefore advisable to consider beauty treatments with hyaluron or other fillers at an early stage.