Beauty tools for home

With the new beauty tools, the motto is: Do it yourself! But do the devices actually deliver what they promise? The WDR has dedicated a special report to this topic and interviewed Marina Jagemann as an anti-aging expert. Also, statements from Sera, who uses these devices regularly. Here are our top tools:

Microdermabrasion – the super peeling is rightly a bestseller at the beautician. Fortunately, the tool is also available for your own bathroom. The special at-home device promises nothing less than that the skin becomes firmer and smoother and gets a fresh glow. And it works like this: with increasing age, cell renewal becomes slower and slower, and from the mid-40s it can sometimes last more than 60 days. As a result, the rosy appearance of the skin diminishes with age. And this is exactly where the effect of microdermabrasion comes in, in which the device very gently removes the very top layer of skin.

Microdermabrasion at home

The innovative skin care tool “PMD PRO” is new. It works through an effective combination of a vacuum suction and a peeling with a crystal-coated rotating disc. The skin is stimulated to regenerate – but – if handled properly – is not injured! After the dead skin cells are removed, it immediately looks fresher and younger. The redness caused by the process depends on the intensity of the peeling disc. There are four different discs in total, with the black disc even suitable for the body. The beauty tool comes in gray and pink color variants. It costs – together with nine rotary attachments – about 199 Euro. One attachment lasts about a month with weekly use.

Firmer contours, plumper cheeks, younger look: the new beauty device from Rex-Kara adopts professional strategies for home care.Beauty Tool – three in one

The beauty tool Biomimesis Veil comes after the evening skin care is used. Overnight, the skin normally loses a lot of moisture, which weakens the protective function of the skin barrier. This is precisely where the technique comes in: the silk membrane ensures that the moisture is stored, the silk proteins additionally stimulate the natural hyaluron production. In the first step, I apply the lamellar essence “Biomimesis Veil Effektor” (40 ml, 149 euros) over my night cream to strengthen the moisture barrier.

How this is possible? With an intelligent SPI technique! No less than three methods recognized in beauty medicine are combined in the small device: Sonophoresis with ultrasound, photon therapy with light and iontophoresis with galvanic current.. The intelligent device can be used to tackle a wide range of beauty problems: Cleanse the face, treat wrinkles and tighten the silhouette.

Through two million vibrations per second can Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the skin, where they alternately exert a gentle pressure and suction massage. The blood and lymph circulation, cell metabolism and the formation of collagen and elastin are stimulated. The cosmetic active ingredients can penetrate better with the result that the connective tissue is sustainably strengthened. Color light stimulates cell regeneration and is increasingly used by beauty professionals or in top spas around the world.

Set under power

Electricity makes wrinkles disappear, ensures skin that is soft to the touch and strengthens connective tissue. It’s no wonder that galvanic current is a classic when it comes to Anti-aging treatments goes and even in medicine, electroplating is used to activate the body’s self-healing powers. With the help of the Current pulses cosmetic active ingredients can be infiltrated deep into the skin, and the cells are stimulated to regenerate. The device is available for approx. 279 euros in specialized trade or in alessandro studios.

With small needles against wrinkles

Admittedly, the idea of running tiny needles over your face is not exactly pleasant. But in fact Microneedling much more harmless and pleasant than its name suggests – and really effective to boot. While laser treatments or peelings tend to make the skin thinner, microneedling ensures that the treated area of skin is strengthened and tightened. Quite incidentally can also Acne scars, pigmentation disorders or Couperose be improved.

dermaroller, beauty tool, marina jagemannMicroneedling with dermaroller

And what is behind the treatment with fine needles? Microneedling is the gentle form of the “medical needling”, medically called collagen induction therapy (CIT). The idea: the older we get, the more the density and stability of collagen fibers in the skin dwindles and as a result tired and aging skin.

Small punctures in deep layers of the skin with the dermaroller are said to create mini-injuries. The connective tissue fibers get the impulse to contract and tighten without scarring the top layer of the skin, which is not damaged during the treatment. Applied active ingredients can reach deep layers of the skin.

And so the Dermaroller applied: Clean the face first. Roll the device over the face two to three times in each direction without pressure so that the penetration depth does not exceed 0.2 millimeters. Sensitive skin may redden and flake slightly after the first few treatments. Do not use more often than every other day for the first two weeks. Thoroughly clean the roller after treatment. Cost: approximately 79 euros.

Photos: PR Stills, Rex Kara, Dermaroller