Beauty Shaming – No Thanks!

The term body shaming is widespread – people make fun of their figure or other physical flaws. And this is usually done under the anonymity of the Internet. A bad thing that can have severe psychological consequences for those affected. But have you ever heard of beauty shaming? This side of bullying is often ignored. Because even the “perfect” looking person has to fight with insults and prejudices …

All that matters: The appearance

Good looks, great clothes and perfectly fitting makeup – for many young people, these aspects are becoming increasingly important. One could almost think that appearance is all that counts. The wide range of perfecting products not only supports this mentality, but drives it forward: as soon as a pore or pimple is visible, it is brushed over so that no one can see that you don’t always look perfect. Not only the face, but the entire body is affected by the permanent urge for optimization. Thus, topics such as cellulite or stretch marks are hushed up and hidden.

A fine line between curvy and fat

If you do not correspond to the common ideal of beauty, you are often looked at askance from the side or even insulted by other people. Especially those who are not super slim often fall victim to so-called body shaming. Contrary to popular belief, this does not only affect women, but also men who do not attach as much importance to trained biceps as some others. These types of shaming are not only counteracted by various social media posts, but also on the high label catwalks there is an active attempt to fight against these prejudices: There are more and more curvy models on the catwalk or in fashion magazines to see, – but whether that is enough to stimulate society to rethink, remains to be seen.

Beautiful, but stupid!

In today’s world, however, the phenomenon of beauty shaming is also being observed more and more often. However, this kind of discrimination is often put down and talked down that it is a kind of “luxury problem”. After all, beautiful people are admired and not mobbed. But mostly people are accused of being dumb as bread because of their beauty. If you think these accusations are only made to women, you are clearly wrong! Men with lots of muscles and attractive appearance are also often accused of not being particularly intelligent.

Beauty Shaming works!

Who is beautiful, is automatically satisfied? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Natural “uber-beauties” have just as much problems with their self-confidence and this also often due to beauty shaming. For example, beauties often walk with a bent back so as not to be called an arrogant cow. Also high shoes, make-up and flashy clothes are often avoided by the beauties in order not to stand out in the crowd of people and thus avoid the beauty shaming.