Beauty ritual for hair and face

Out of the hustle and bustle, into a feeling of well-being. Admittedly, this is still best achieved in a spa or with a beautician. But you can also use your own bathroom as a wellness oasis. This is how beauty rituals succeed.

You can also turn facial and hair care into a relaxing beauty ritual. Time and attention play a major role here. With the right handles, creaming becomes a beauty ritual and the hair looks after masks & Co. almost as super well-groomed as pampered by a professional.

Feel-good and care for every day: the “Crème-Huile Nutri-Fortifiante” by Nuxe from the Nuxuriance Gold series. The anti-aging cream oil is a radiance booster with extracts of bougainvillea and rockrose, as well as torch ginger. The skin’s microcirculation is also happy about the cream therapy. (50 ml, 59.90 euros)

Extra Tip: When it comes to skin care, it’s not just the what, but also the how. Your good looks should be worth knowing the beauty tricks: Before applying face cream – please wash your hands, otherwise the cream will be contaminated. After washing, lightly rub the cream in your hands while warming it. Gently spread the cream on the skin with circular movements and smooth it out with your hands. The beauty ritual begins at the chin, stroking in circular motions over the cheeks up to the forehead. Then spread the cream over the eyes and right and left on the forehead. Finally, it goes along the bridge of the nose. Period.

Golden times: Because to a wellness ritual also the soul needs a corresponding experience, the “24 K Gold Mineral Mud Mask” by Ahava is enriched with 24-carat gold particles. What the golden spa treatment brings: the breakdown of collagen and elastin as well as skin aging are slowed down, blood circulation is pushed and the skin is moisturized. (50 ml, 49 euros)

Extra Tip: Cloth masks have the pleasant side effect of being a quick booster for the skin. Depending on the company, a face mask is soaked with the contents of an entire bottle of serum. For cleansing, of course, they are not suitable. Cloth masks form a “protective shield” on the face and ensure, on the one hand, that fewer ingredients can evaporate and, on the other, that the pores open more. Thus, the can absorb more care substances.

Beauty ritual for the night

Well then: Good night! In the truest sense of the word, because the “Beauty Sleeping Mask” from the WASO line of Shiseido. Apply the mask in the evening before going to bed after the care routine and massage in evenly. During sleep, yuzu seeds, plant plankton and ginseng extract provide a wellness and beauty effect. (80 ml, 48 euros)

Extra Tip: Lack of sleep makes us look old. The complexion looks tired and gray, wrinkles and fine lines are clearly visible and so on and so forth. In the same way, good and sufficient sleep, conversely, makes us look younger and more attractive, because at night the skin barrier is more permeable – anti-aging and repair agents and can therefore penetrate the skin much easier and do their work. Apart from the fact that a rested complexion looks even and plumper.

Night shift for the skin: EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask by !QMS was inspired by the latest scientific findings in epigenetics to help maintain skin cell activity longer and counteract harmful environmental factors. Special peptides are designed to help accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, slow down the cell cycle and activate the purification process of the cells. Enriched with natural oils, such as wheat germ oil, jojoba and shea butter, the mask provides intensive moisturization and hydration of the skin (75ml, 79 euros).

XXL spa experience for hair

Because hair also deserves a spa treatment: “Masque Soin Régénérant Aux Quatre Huiles Vègétales” by Sisley. As the name suggests, it nourishes with four precious oils: from shea butter, macadamia and hazelnuts, and camellia. Massage in and leave on for 10 minutes = beautiful, shiny hair. (200 ml, 75 euros)

Extra Tip: A mask alone is not done. Because hair also wants to be treated lovingly 7 Days a Week: Do not comb through wet hair. Quite clearly: because hair in this state is elastic and therefore very sensitive. Use a microfiber towel for drying, it is gentler to the hair than a cotton towel.

XXL spa experience for hair with only XS effort: Apply a few drops of Philip B.’s “Rejuvenating Oil” to the hair and scalp. The roughened cuticle of the hair is smoothed and the scalp gets enough moisture. Use only on dry hair, either for 20 minutes or leave on overnight (60 ml, 43 euros).

Extra Tip: Less is more when it comes to care products. So: rub a barely pea-sized amount of Hair Oil first between your fingertips and then in the palms of your hands. The basic rule that every good hairdresser knows: just as long as the hair is shampooed, it must also be rinsed out for exactly the same time.

Kerastase Overnight Hair SerumDream hair overnight: The Nutritive Night Hair care serum from Kérastase is designed to make hair supple and irresistibly soft. Works particularly effectively on dry hair. The overnight effect then the hair is optimally supplied with moisture and can be styled easier the next morning (90 ml, 59 euros).

Text: Conny Eyssen, Stills: PR