Beauty procedures for men

Until today, treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are considered to be purely a women’s issue. For many men, this very topic is still a taboo – why is that and what unjustified prejudices are there? We explain why such treatments are suitable for both women and men.

The numbers speak for themselves

In 2020, according to a study, almost twice as many men have undergone treatment with hyaluron or muscle relaxant than in 2018. Consequently, it can be said that injections are becoming more and more interesting for men. It does not matter whether they want to visually rejuvenate or optimize small blemishes. We are interested in: Why don’t men talk about it and which treatments are most popular among them?

Men among themselves!

While women are very open about aesthetic treatments, men guard their visit to the beauty doc like a secret. Perhaps this is because such treatments are not yet as accepted among men as they are among women. Because apparently men hardly talk among themselves about beauty treatments they have undergone. So experiences are not shared with friends and colleagues, even though they have just as hard a time aging as women.

The skin of men ages later but stronger!

Men’s skin has a higher collagen content than women’s. This has the consequence that the formation of wrinkles in men begins later. While women can discover their first wrinkles on the face at the age of 25, this is not the case for men until their mid-30s. The reason for this is that the elasticity of the skin also decreases in men. But when the time comes, men usually discover deeper wrinkles on their face than women. Then only a treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine helps to hide them.

The offer is growing

It is easily forgotten that all treatments with muscle relaxants or hyaluron are also suitable for men. Yet impressive results can be achieved with injections, especially for men. The range of surgical beauty procedures for men has also increased in recent years. Whether gynecomastia or liposuction, cosmetic surgery has long since ceased to be a purely female affair. A wide range of services is offered for men only.

The most common injections performed on men are:

  1. Wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxant
  2. Sweat gland treatment with muscle relaxant
  3. Jawline treatment with hyaluron


In conclusion, it can be said that men are becoming more and more courageous in this regard and, contrary to social perceptions, are finding their way to a beauty clinic more and more often in order to have their wishes in the aesthetic area fulfilled there. If you also have the desire for change, then we will be happy to assist you. Our experienced M1 doctors will respond individually to every wish and advise you in detail. Arrange a free consultation appointment now.