Beauty procedures & COVID-19: What you need to know!

In many areas of our lives, COVID-19 is having an impact and this includes cosmetic beauty treatments. While the vaccine is the next step in getting back to normal, it’s important that we consider it when planning our filler and anti-wrinkle treatments. Today, we clarify what you need to know regarding the coronavirus before booking your M1 treatment.


If you have tested positive for the coronavirus/COVID-19, cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments are not possible until 6 weeks after quarantine has ended. If you are still suffering from long-term complications due to the virus, please cancel your filler/anti-wrinkle treatment as we will not be able to perform the treatment.


If you are due for your first vaccination dose, please make sure you schedule all cosmetic procedures at least two weeks before your vaccination date. Otherwise, you will need to wait until at least 6 weeks after your second vaccine dose. For treatments with muscle relaxants Treatments with muscle relaxants can be scheduled no earlier than 2 weeks AFTER receiving a COVID vaccination or no later than 2 weeks BEFORE receiving a COVID vaccination. Please ensure sufficient intervals if you wish to be injected with muscle relaxant or hyaluronic acid between vaccinations.


At M1 Med Beauty, your safety is our top priority. That is why the highest standards of hygiene apply. An acrylic screen has been installed at our reception desk to protect you and our practice team. In addition, our staff wears a mouth guard. We ask that you maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters between you and other clients or our team members. Disinfectant dispensers are available to all of our clients on our premises. Our practice team makes sure that they wash and disinfect their hands regularly to ensure your safety!

Learn more about our hygiene plan.

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