Beautiful, youthful hands – for a lifetime

Your hands are your business card. They reveal a lot about your circumstances, your profession and, last but not least, your age. Nevertheless, for most of the year, your hands are not protected by clothing. They are not only exposed to rain, cold wind and burning sun, they are also treated with water and soap much more often than any other part of the body.

The permanent stress does not remain without traces. Signs of aging such as pigment spots, conspicuous veins or tendons show up here much earlier than on other parts of the body. However, you do not have to simply accept this process. In the meantime, there are very effective methods to make the hands look young, well-groomed and beautiful again.

What makes your hands look old?

Among the most common signs of aging are the skin’s Age spots (Lentigo solaris). They appear from about the age of 60, but some people suffer from them much earlier. This pigment disorder, which is caused by excessive contact with UV rays is caused, shows up mainly on the face and on the décolleté and hands.

In addition, the skin on the back of the hands is very thin. With increasing age, moreover, the collagen and elastin fiberswhich keep it smooth and firm, recede. The subcutaneous fatty tissue also reduces with age. This results in wrinkles, folds and other irregularities on the hand. It can also make bones and tendons clearly visible.

How can you prevent such signs of aging?

A healthy lifestyle shows not only on the face, but also on the hands. A wholesome, vitamin-rich diet, sufficient fluid intake, as well as regular exercise and adequate sleep are excellent anti-aging methods. Nicotine, excessive alcohol consumption, an unhealthy diet and constant stress, on the other hand, are counterproductive.

Light protection also plays an important role. To prevent age spots, you should always ensure that your skin care products have a sufficient UV protection factor.

How can existing signs of skin aging be combated?

There are now a number of highly effective methods of ridding the hands of pigmentation spots and other signs of aging. On the one hand, cosmetic methods of hand rejuvenation are available. These include fruit acid peels, for example. Also Laser treatments help to make the hands look more attractive again. In addition, a specialist can also rejuvenate the hands surgically.

Munich-based surgeon Dr. Martha Bernard is proficient in the entire spectrum of hand rejuvenation. Thus, patients can opt for treatment with Hyaluronic acid or Own fat which restores volume and tone to the hands. Very effective is also the treatment practiced by Dr. Bernard with laser or the BBL flash lamp from Sciton.

The best way to find out the best method of hand rejuvenation for you is to talk to an experienced specialist.