Beautiful with permanent makeup

Sounds tempting: look radiant and fresh from morning to night! This can be achieved with permanent makeup. Everything about the art of being permanently beautiful.

Whether at sports, in the swimming pool, at work or on vacation – permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyelids and lips lasts. No need to reapply makeup and no need to remove makeup. The trend is towards naturalness. Daniela Grob from the Beauty Studio for Long-Term Contours in Munich explains what can be achieved with permanent makeup and how it works.

In contrast to usual cosmetic make-up products, which are only superficially applied externally, color pigments in liquid form are introduced into the skin layer (dermis) with the help of special device technology and fine needle technology for ultra-fine pigmentation. Therefore, pigmentation is a special type of cosmetic tattoo, which, depending on its intensity, is temporary and usually fades over time.

More contour with permanent make-up

They are the stars of the face: great eyebrows. If they are well defined, they can be the most natural lift of all! They not only give the face more contour, but also make it look younger.

“That’s why the optimization of eyebrows is especially close to my heart,” Daniela Grob emphasizes. She says it is especially important when beautifying the brows to make sure they match the shape of the face. Is there also a shape that suits everyone? “Yes, the classic: the brow rises in the first two-thirds and falls by one-third from the outer corner of the eye,” says the beauty expert.

And the color code? For a harmonious and natural result, always choose the color of the brows in the tone of the hair color and face color – and whether it is the natural hair color or dyed.

Shape shading with hairs drawing!

And how does the treatment? It is always preceded by an individual and detailed consultation during which the ideal shape, color, width and curvature of eyebrow arches are discussed and pre-drawn.

If there are no longer any brows of one’s own, the most natural way is to first shade the shape, therefore pigment a base in advance, and then draw in, or pigment, individual brow hairs on it in a shade darker the shape in the so-called hairs technique. In a free control appointment is optimized again after about two weeks. The result lasts about two years and fades evenly.

Is the pigmentation painful? Pigmentation is usually not painful thanks to gentle method. After the treatment, the beauty expert provides the eyebrows with a care cream. This should also be repeated at home for a few days.

And after the treatment? Immediately afterwards, the fresh permanent makeup always looks a bit more colorful, Daniela Grob emphasizes. In the first week, you should avoid sun, solarium and sauna. The cost of the eyebrows is about 700 euros. The excess color dissolves after 4-5 days. After about a week you can see the final result.

And what are No Go’s from your point of view? “All non-organic shapes are never favorable for the face. Often they look almost grotesque. Angular and hard contours look completely unnatural and much too severe. So do flat and straight brows. This looks artificial and painted. Strict lines never look homogeneous with the otherwise rather round and soft shapes that make up a face.”

Younger lips

When pigmenting a lip contour, there is a possibility of both lip augmentation and lip reduction. Through color shading, i.e. lip color filling, the lip visually gains more volume and therefore looks softer and more harmonious. Annoying lip wrinkles can also be lightened and concealed somewhat with a camouflage shade. A delicate lip contour prevents lipstick from running around the edges. The mouth looks younger, radiant and harmonious again.


Eyelash liner is a very fine pigmentation between the eyelashes. They give the eye more freshness and radiance.

An eyeliner serves as an enhancement and make-up substitute. Depending on the desire, it can be emphasized as a fine line or also by a stronger line.

No matter whether you have your eyebrows, lips or eyelids optimized. Be sure to choose a specialist in permanent makeup with a lot of experience and routine, who knows exactly what shape and color suits a face.