Beautiful lips – a guide to lip injections

“Russian Lips”, “Kylie Jenner Lips” or “Plump Lips” – sensual looking lips are fully in trend, lip treatments with hyaluronic acid filler are therefore in demand as never before. But what lip shapes are there anyway? What characterizes beautiful lips? And how can lips be shaped with the help of filler treatments?

In the big Juvéderm® lip guide, we provide an overview: Expert Dr. Mustafa Narwan, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, explains the most important questions and treatment options on the subject of beautiful lips and what to look out for in lip treatments. He makes it clear: Whether more volume or smoothness and freshness – with the combination of medical know-how and a high-quality filler, lips can be treated individually.

Dr. Narwan, what are the big trends right now? Full, beautiful lips are timeless and always popular. At present, however, a contoured lip line is particularly in vogue, i.e. a clear transition between lip red and lip white. A pronounced philtrum is also in demand, i.e. the groove between the nose and upper lip. This can be seen in the frequently demanded “Russian Lips,” where the focus is on contouring and the volume is in the center of the lips.

Russian Lips and Plump Lips

What’s behind “Kylie Jenner Lips”, “Plump Lips” or other trends? They all refer to certain shapes – “Kylie Jenner Lips” means the voluminous lips of the beauty influencer, “Plump Lips” stands for particularly padded lips. As a specialist, however, I’m not a big fan of such lip trends – they’re usually short-lived and labeled with pithy terms that often originate in other countries. There, the aesthetic ideal is often quite different from ours, for example, extremely voluminous.

But a patient has nothing to gain from a doctor simply giving her “Kylie Jenner Lips.” A good specialist should also not be guided by such fashion terms, but rather make sure that the result of a treatment fits the individual face. By the way, I see this as a long-term trend in cosmetic surgery: naturalness. A natural look and feel is increasingly in focus, even when it comes to beautiful lips.

Full beautiful lips

Natural looking, full, beautiful lips with a filler treatment – is it possible? The answer is yes. But it takes two things to make it happen. One is high-quality products. I use the fillers from Juvéderm®. They are optimized for the properties and needs of the sensitive lip and mouth region and can integrate smoothly into the tissue thanks to the special Vycross® technology. This usually ensures a natural look and feel during lip injections.

Second, it takes the experienced eye of the doctor. I always look at the lips holistically in relation to the entire face, because a natural look is only achieved when the proportions are right. So the lips must not be overtreated, or I have to treat other areas such as the cheeks at the same time. Take Angelina Jolie, for example: her full lips would not be as pronounced without her very contoured jawline. So several factors are important in treatment: what is the natural shape of the lips and what shape would give a harmonious impression? What is the lip framework like? How can the cupid’s bow be gently brought out, how can pleated wrinkles be smoothed out?

Criteria for beautiful lips

There are studies that show: When the ratio of the upper and lower lip is 1 to 1.6, that is, when the lower lip is slightly more voluminous, lips are perceived as aesthetically beautiful. Nevertheless, there is no fixed rule. Every woman, every man has their own idea of perfect lips – and so there is no one lip treatment that fits all. More important is the holistic view of the doctor on a harmonious overall picture.