Beautiful, even skin is not magic

The skin is our largest organ and fulfills many important tasks. It protects us from external influences, plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s temperature, receives sensations and, of course, it is an important element of our external appearance. In order for the skin to perform its tasks and look good at the same time, it needs our help.

Beauty comes from within

An important basic building block for an even complexion and healthy skin function is formed by the proper nutrition. Fresh, healthy food with lots of vitamins provides the right nutrition in the skin. Important vitamins for good skin function and cell regeneration are vitamins A, C, E, H (biotin) and B3 (niacin). Food supplement can therefore be useful in certain cases, but do not replace a balanced diet. Drinking plenty of fluids is particularly important, because a Water deficiency in the cells quickly shows up in the skin’s appearance and can cause the skin to sag more quickly in the long run.

Smoking, alcohol or other harmful substances burden the organism and quickly show their consequences on the skin. Smoking in particular is considered to be Aging accelerator. For example, a 2013 American study of twins showed that smokers age visibly faster. On average, they can appear a full 10 years older than non-smokers of the same age.

Stressful situations, stress or lack of sleep also affect the skin. A unsightly skin appearance, dark circles under the eyes or impurities can be the result. In the long run, this can accelerate the skin aging process. Anyone who wants to do their skin good should attach importance to a balanced, holistic lifestyle put. This includes balancing and rest periods and enough (beauty) sleep so that the skin has sufficient time to regenerate. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air is important. This ensures a good blood circulation and oxygen supply and thus for a vital skin.

Support from the outside can help

In addition to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, can be Skin care products support the skin, provide it with moisture and vital substances and favorably influence their appearance. They should be of high quality and chosen to suit the skin type and age, because the needs of the skin can vary greatly from person to person. Especially a suitable Moisturizer is important because Dryness wrinkles are often the first visible signs of a deficiency and can later develop into pronounced wrinkles.

On suitable Sunscreen should always be respected, because UV radiation can have a particularly damaging effect on the skin. Skin aging is accelerated by it. A process also known as Photoaging is referred to. Wrinkles and pigmentation spots are the result. Even Skin cancer can develop.

Sufficient care and a holistic life

Sufficient care and a holistic life can help to maintain the vitality of the skin for a long time. Sooner or later, each of us is confronted with the signs of aging skin. This is a natural process and not necessarily a blemish. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to deal with particularly disturbing effects.

In the Practice of Dr. Martha Bernard There are various options available for this purpose, which improve the appearance in the long term and ensure a particularly natural-looking result. Which of these is most suitable for you can be determined by a detailed, expert consultation and examination determine.