Beach Look with Bright Contouring

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Four weeks ago, team member Julia Riedmeier had her personal EnergyCode checked and has since been caring for her hair more intensively with the products tailored to her needs. She is so happy with this new, hairy feeling that it has made her want to experiment with color as well.

The color result should be as natural as possible. Julia hasn’t colored her hair for ages and is critical of coloration. The Bright Contouring concept from Wella Professionals sounds like a good plan and Julia gets a much sought-after appointment with Andrea Hecker, who has made an international name for herself in the field of hair color. I accompany her and am totally excited, because I’m not exactly happy with my own coloring either…

First of all, Andrea’s hair coloring shop has a wonderful coffee shop and a long conversation. The colorist takes a close look at Julia’s hair and wants to sense what type Julia is by asking specific questions. “A hairdresser should get to the bottom of each client’s personality. Individual, multi-layered color results that match the personal lifestyle are therefore probably the most important trend at the moment,” says Andrea, who also works on product development at Wella Professionals.

“A color kick will do you good,” she emphasizes after Julia tells her about her fears and not always good experiences with colorations. Since Andrea is one of the most sought-after colorists in the country and is even flown in by many prominent clients for color changes, Julia confidently puts herself in her hands.

Hair colors that grow with you

And what exactly is behind the “Bright Contouring” color concept? The concept was developed by Global Creative Artists BrockmannundKn√∂dler, who implemented their philosophy of hair colors that grow with you for Wella. It’s all about creating ultra-personalized looks: Blonde highlights, soft glosses – natural-looking hair colors that simply grow with you. “It’s like you’ve been surfing in Hawaii for three weeks,” Andrea explains. So that’s exactly what Julia wants.

In “Bright Contouring”, the focus is on partial color changes, which – as the name suggests – primarily take into account the contour of the face, but also eye color, complexion, age and the respective lifestyle. With the so-called painting technique, the color is painted on directly with a brush, light and shadow effects can be created. Targeted blonde highlights open up the facial contours, while darker shades move parts of the face into the background. The color result is finally rounded off with a glossing, which is intended to make the natural look glow.

Natural color touch

That sounds innovative and plausible. I’m almost as excited about the result as Julia, who has an important event in Frankfurt coming up on the same day. It took about two hours for not only Julia’s hair but also her eyes to shine even more than usual. “Super, I’m totally happy as a Haircolor abstainer. It turned out exactly how I imagined it after the consultation. Exactly the color touch I wanted.” I, too, find the color change super successful and will also put myself in Andrea’s hands in the near future. She is not only a super colorist, but also has such a warmth and joie de vivre that I am already looking forward to my appointment with her.