Avoid these 5 mistakes when using derma fillers

Derma fillers are supposed to make your skin look firmer, younger and fresher. However, this effect will only be achieved if you pay attention to work of an excellent expertise and high quality products. Experience has shown that some mistakes occur time and again when using derma fillers. Here you can get an overview and avoid them.

Mistake 1: Which provider should I use?

The effect of using derma fillers is only as good as the practitioner. What does that mean? To ensure excellent and healthy injections, the following points must be met:

  • Extensive knowledge around the layers of the skin
  • Knowledge about the course of the blood vessels
  • Knowledge of the course of the nerve tracts
  • Knowledge around the structure of the facial muscles

There are no specific obligations for the use of derma fillers, except that the application should be by a licensed physician must be carried out. However, not every physician has the above-mentioned knowledge.

This makes it all the more important to to find out about the experience of the provider and not to pay attention exclusively to the price. Mistakes during injection can cause incorrect distribution, the formation of swellings or hematomas.

Mistake 2: Can I combine several products?

Much helps much? Even if it sounds tempting to use a comprehensive injection with several active ingredients for the skin at once during a treatment, this mistake can cost the positive effect. By the way, this also applies to the Switching between different hyaluronic products.

Different products with hyaluronic acid should also not be combined, as interactions cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, make sure that you only work with one product or that no other products with hyaluronic acid are used at follow-up appointments. If you want to change the product or even the provider, you should make a Waiting period of six months after the last treatment.

A common mistake is to quickly change products or providers for cost or even quality reasons. Side effects can be interactions, skin reactions or even inflammations.

Mistake 3: Is a cold bad during treatment?

You have waited a long time for your appointment for treatment or you feel that now it is really time for the next injection? It is understandable that you might then keep quiet about a small infection or not even think about the fact that it can have a negative effect.

However, the fact is, that every infection attacks your immune system. Treatment with derma fillers is a minimally invasive procedure for your body. This means that it needs strength to be able to handle and process this procedure.

If your immune system is already compromised, this may affect the healing and also effect process negatively.

Important: Taking medication is also a negative factor. It is better to wait two weeks before treatment with Derma Filler.

Also keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol weakens your body and therefore it is better to abstain both on the day of the treatment and the day after.

Mistake 4: First lie down, right?

On the day of your Derma Filler treatment, are you particularly excited? After the treatment is finished, maybe a big weight falls off your shoulders and you can finally relax on the sofa or go to bed.

However, here the next mistake is already waiting for you. During the facial treatment, the Derma Filler is injected precisely to inject the selected area. Now make yourself comfortable in bed, maybe even lie on your stomach or put on a sleeping mask, this can displace the filler.

Therefore, it is optimal if you only sleep on your back for the next few days. Here it can help to put a pillow on your side that prevents you from turning onto your stomach.

Before the treatment, ask again exactly what is to be observed in the next few days and what optimal lying position you should adopt. In some cases, it may even make sense to sleep sitting up for the first night if you are not a back sleeper.

Mistake 5: I don’t need individual advice, do I?

You think the appointment for individual consultation for derma fillers treatment is obsolete? That’s a big mistake. Even if it is standardized procedures for facial treatment exist, these are only framework conditions.

A good provider will look closely at each client, check their skin and desired treatment areas, and let you know what to look for in your case.

Also take the time to look at the Rules of conduct when using derma fillers and to internalize them.

Assuming that treatment will already be done well without seeking individual counseling may lead to an undesirable outcome.

Notice: Also use the clarification to ask any unanswered questions. Uncertainties can often be cleared up by explaining the treatment in detail.

Conclusion on the most common mistakes with derma fillers

Derma fillers often consist partly of hyaluronic acid, which achieves a positive effect in wrinkle injections. However, this effect only occurs if errors are avoided as far as possible. However, mistakes can be made not only by the practitioner. As a customer, it is up to you to prepare yourself correctly.

In addition to finding an experienced provider, it is also important to only use a treatment when you are healthy. If you take medication or alcohol, this can negatively influence the effect of the derma filler. This also applies to incorrect behavior after the treatment.

FAQ – Mistakes when using derma fillers

Can I use Derma Filler myself?

Derma fillers are injected under the skin. Therefore, it is important that the treatment is performed exclusively by licensed physicians who have extensive knowledge of the skin, muscles and blood vessels of the face.

Are corrections possible?

You have made one or more of the above mistakes and the desired effect has not occurred? You may even have developed inflammation or swelling. If you are being treated by a reputable provider, he or she will enable you to correct the problem and assist you in the healing process.

Can I influence the success of Derma Filler?

Taking care of your body, abstaining from alcohol and the right sleeping position over the next few days will ensure that the Derma Filler can develop its optimal effect.