Autologous fat vs. silicone – Which type of breast augmentation is right for me?

The scandal about faulty, French breast implants of the company PIP at the beginning of 2012 has unsettled many women. Although breast augmentation is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Germany, the number of procedures decreased slightly due to the disturbing headlines. However, there are not many risks involved in professionally performed breast augmentations. – The fears spread by the press are not justified. For patients, however, the question arises as to which method is suitable for breast augmentation: Autologous fat vs. silicone ?

For those who shy away from the insertion of implants or are allergic to certain materials and substances of implants, another method is also suitable. – Breast augmentation with autologous fat, also called breast augmentation by lipofilling.

What are the advantages of this method? How it works and what are the differences with the use of implants?

Autologous fat vs. silicone – injecting instead of cutting

With the conventional variant of breast augmentation with the help of implants, small incisions on the breast are necessary in order to insert the implants. After a detailed consultation with the plastic surgeon, the appropriate implant and its size are selected.

At Lipofilling In contrast, the body’s own fat cells are removed, processed and then injected into the breasts. Only up to 70 percent of the fat cells survive the adaptation phase. Post-treatment is therefore necessary for an optimal desired result. Unattractive scars or possible slipping of the implants are ruled out with the use of autologous fat.

Naturalness instead of a foreign body feeling

Own fat is a material produced naturally in the body, which is why it is also often referred to as “bio-implant” is called. Due to the use of autologous fat, there can therefore be no rejection by the body, as can sometimes be the case with silicone implants.

Another advantage of the method is that a natural sense of touch is retained. This means that no foreign body sensation can occur. Stubborn fat deposits, for example on the thighs, abdomen or buttocks, can also be removed.

Especially for women who just want a little more shape for their breasts, the method is very effective. Asymmetrical breasts can be adjusted. At the same time, the overall appearance of the body can be improved.

On the other hand, for those who desire an enlargement of more than one cup size, the conventional method with implants is more suitable. – With autologous fat, a maximum enlargement of between half and one full cup size can be achieved.

Own fat wins in terms of risks

Clearly: Treatment with autologous fat carries virtually no risks. In contrast, silicone implants can lead to rejection reactions of the body or capsular fibrosis. In poorly performed operations, infections can occur afterwards or, in the worst case, the implant can be palpable.

Nevertheless, the Use of implants the most chosen variant of breast augmentation, not least because it has been successfully performed millions of times.

An additional plus point of breast augmentation with autologous fat is the cost of the procedure. High quality implants are much more expensive compared to the use of autologous fat.

Individual preferences and circumstances determine the method

If you only want a small, natural change with as few risks as possible, the decision for the Lipofilling the right one. However, if you want to increase your breasts by more than one cup size, you can put yourself in professional hands and choose – without fears – breast augmentation with implants.

It is important that a breast augmentation with implants or with autologous fat by a trained specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery is performed. Before each procedure, a comprehensive consultation should take place to clarify your wishes, the risks and the possibilities. Dr. Martha Bernard will be happy to advise you in a detailed and non-binding preliminary consultation and will take plenty of time to find the optimal option together with you.