Autologous fat vs. hyaluronic acid for natural lip shaping

Women want expressive and natural lip shaping – men like it too. Full lips are associated with attractiveness, youthfulness, joie de vivre and vitality.. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with full lips. Unevenly shaped or narrow lips are therefore often improved medically. Dr. Martha Bernard also offers natural lip shaping using hyaluronic acid in her practice. What are the advantages of this method compared to treatment with autologous fat?

Own fat or hyaluron?

Beautiful and natural-looking lips can be achieved with the help of volume augmentation. Filling materials that provide more volume on the one hand and improve the shape of the lips on the other are suitable here.

If the patient decides in favor of Treatment with autologous fat, the physician speaks of Lipofilling. This is a complex procedure, since the fat must first be extracted from the patient’s own body.

At the beginning, liposuction follows in a suitable place – either on the thighs or on the abdomen. The fat is then cleaned and processed. Finally, it is injected into the lips. There are several techniques to achieve the perfect result in the end.

It is important that the medical professional injects the fat into the right place. This can prevent unexpected effects such as a Deformation of the mouth should be avoided. They can occur if the injection technique is incorrect. Another important aspect is that the injected autologous fat is always degraded to a certain percentage. As a result, further treatments may be necessary.

An alternative is the Injection with hyaluronic acid fillers. Here, a substance is used that occurs naturally in the human skin. It is therefore wonderfully well tolerated. Side effects or possible complications can be excluded – almost 100 percent. In comparison to the patient’s own fat, hyaluron is easier to shape and more elastic. This allows a natural and beautiful lip shaping.

In addition, since hyaluron does not degrade immediately after the procedure, no immediate follow-up treatment is necessary. – The result is visible immediately.

However, compared to autologous fat, the material is degraded by the body. Therefore, the treatment must be repeated at intervals of a few months when the effect has worn off.

Natural beautiful results with…

…Hyaluron. In her Munich practice, Dr. Bernard exclusively offers treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers for natural lip shaping. The decisive point is the easy handling of the filler. – Hyaluron can be used easily and flexibly, especially on small and sensitive areas of the body such as the lips. It can be applied immediately. A previous fat extraction and preparation or a post-treatment – as with the use of autologous fat – is not necessary. Do you have further questions about lip shaping with hyaluron? Simply arrange a personal consultation!