At what age does Botox make sense?

Wrinkles are life lived, as the saying goes. However, many women – and more and more men – think that life should nevertheless not leave quite so many traces on the face or body. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get back the smooth, firm look of yesteryear. For example, with Botox injections. At what point does this make sense?

Botox parties, Botox to go, Botox flat rates – the anti-wrinkle injection is offered almost on every corner and is thus easily available. Botox is the first experience with aesthetic medicine for most women and men. Is there a perfect time for the first Botox injection?

“Around the age of twenty-five, the skin begins to age. The first wrinkles become noticeable. The skin gradually loses the ability to regenerate. The ideal thing is to start using Botox in good time,” explains Munich dermatologist Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt. Once the wrinkles have really taken hold, it becomes more difficult to inject them away,” Dr. Voigt continues. This is comparable to a sheet of paper that has been folded. It can no longer be completely smoothed out.

Botox is like a vacation

“The goal is to slowly stop the wheel of time. Botox is like a vacation for the connective tissue, so to speak,” the dermatologist continued. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the treatments. Genuine botolinum toxin, as the medical term goes, is expensive. Cheap prices are usually only possible if re-imports are used, but there no one knows what exactly they contain. Realistic and serious is a PRICE From 250 euros per region.

The RESULT appears after 5 to 7 days. In the first year, it is best to repeat the treatment every four months, and then every six months. The SIDE EFFECTS Are minimal. “There is probably hardly any preparation in aesthetic medicine with such a good study situation. No negative long-term effects have been demonstrated to date,” emphasizes Dr. Voigt.

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