Anti-aging with knife and fork

Anti-aging with knife or needle sounds like painful changes. But what about anti-aging with a knife and fork? Doesn’t hurt! Tastes delicious! And makes you beautiful from the inside out! Cons: The success of super food does not come overnight. But a critical look at eating habits is worthwhile and can perhaps be wonderfully implemented with the resolutions for the New Year that is about to begin…

The holistic Ernährungsberaterin Ursula Schöller from Icking holds ready a whole basket full Tipps and recommendations, so that one can leave oneself with the aging thanks to healthy and conscious super Food looong time. But because that’s quite a full basket, we’re serving up the topic of “Super Food with Knife and Fork” in bits and pieces. Today an interview on the topic: What we can eat in in terms of oil makes us look old in terms of nutrition.

What actually makes “OLD”?

“Our skin is the largest organ and incidentally a protective valve for detoxification. Toxins should thus be eliminated as quickly as possible so that certain toxins are not produced in the first place. With the right super food, you can drastically relieve the system.”


“Teenagers with blemished skin who give up sugar completely for a while, for example, can confirm that their skin is significantly less blemished and red. A well-functioning gastrointestinal tract additionally means a good detoxification of the numerous chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, preservatives, to which we are exposed daily.”

What about omega 3 oil? Useful – yes or no?

“As with almost everything. Fatty acids the proportionality is important. In practice, we often have a ratio of 1:25, which is not good, especially with regard to inflammatory processes in the body. We should aim for a ratio of 1:5 and, especially if you don’t eat fish, you should take omega-3 oil regularly. Omega-3 fatty acids play a key role in anti-aging foods.”

What exactly does saturated or unsaturated mean?

“Saturated fats have a different structure than monounsaturated fats”. unsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fats consist of one part glycerol and three fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are carbon atoms that have formed a bond with hydrogen atoms. Monounsaturated fatty acids consist of two carbon atoms that have formed a double bond. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are correspondingly several carbon atoms that have formed double bonds. This means that the more double bonds, the more reactive the substance. This is why nuts quickly become rancid. Especially walnuts, because they have a lot more unsaturated fatty acids and therefore omega 3 and omega 6.”

Are there any general rules for anti-aging foods?

“Avoid acid-forming foods, sugar (in all varieties), bad fats, gluten, dairy products, soy, peanuts, corn (these foods have an unfavorable effect on the intestinal mucosa and at worst make it holey = leaky gut syndrome). Restraint please also with high UV radiation, nicotine, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and exercise, as well as poor diet with too much fast food or convenience foods, they often have dyes and preservatives, but few trace elements.”

Text: Bettina Sewald

Photo: Brian A Jackson/