Anti-aging with algae – What makes beauty care from the sea so successful?

Algae – they are a nuisance for many on a beach vacation, but they are becoming increasingly popular in the anti-aging field. There are good reasons for this, because algae bring with them many ingredients which a great help in the fight against aging can be – from the inside and from the outside…

Beauty care with algae

Of the approximately 35,000 known algae species worldwide, only a fraction have been researched to date. Yet many of them bring special Properties and ingredients with which we can make use of.

Algae live under very difficult conditions and have developed special abilities to do so. They defy sun and salt water, do not dry out even at low tide, and are full of nutrients even though they do not even have roots.

These special properties make them not only interesting for biologists, but also a promising Natural cosmetics raw materialwhich is currently particularly trendy.

Ingredients support skin regeneration

Several types of algae have already proven to be very useful for skin care. They are rich in Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants., which are essential for skin health. The contained Amino acids can also Skin renewal processes stimulate. With age, the skin regenerates more poorly and can particularly benefit from the effect of algae. The skin remains smoother, healthier and more elastic.

Other special ingredients protect some types of algae from the Desiccation at low tide or before UV radiation of the sun and – used in beauty care – also develop these effects on the skin. Appropriate products can counteract harmful influences and the Prevent signs of skin aging and provide an even complexion.

Algae care harmonizes very well with the natural milieu of our skin, because algae have a similar pH value like our skin and can penetrate deep into the skin without causing irritation or allergic reactions.

Anti-aging with algae – even from the inside

Anyone who has ever visited Japan may have noticed that many older people there still appear and look amazingly vital. In fact, statistics show that Japanese people are particularly healthy. The country has low cancer rates, few overweight people and the highest average life expectancy in the world. Researchers believe one of the main reasons for this is the healthy diet of the Japanese. An important component of Japanese cuisine is seaweed.

Seaweed comes in many forms on the table in Japan….

… as a vegetable, as a salad, as a soup ingredient and, of course, in sushi. They are not only delicious, but healthy and nutritious. Algae contain blood pressure-lowering substances, so-called Alginates. Also important Vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, iodine and potassium. These substances are vital and help to maintain vitality and beauty in a very natural way.

Those who enrich their diet in this country with algae from time to time can therefore benefit both internally and externally. And who knows what other good properties lie dormant in the many as yet unexplored species of algae? The triumph of algae in the health and cosmetics sector has only just begun!