Anti-aging natural cosmetics – tips from an expert

On TV they are looking for the superstars in singing or dancing. Author and beauty expert Conny Eyssen, on the other hand, is always on the lookout for the best anti-aging natural cosmetics. The selection is huge, and often you have to kiss many different beauty frogs until you find your prince.

What the creams, lotions and masks should be able to do? Anti-aging natural cosmetics should help against wrinkles, alleviate pigmentation spots and hide skin imperfections, products that make the complexion look rosy and plumper and help against puffy eye areas. I have found my anti-aging stars, which I reveal to you.

My skin corresponds to the “everyman type”: T-zone, it reacts sensitively, needs moisture and nourishing active ingredients, because otherwise it becomes rough, but also not too many, because then it takes revenge with clogged pores and impurities.

Since I no longer feel like fiddling with countless anti-aging products, I have concentrated on a basic set, but treat my skin to some extra care every now and then. For some months now, my every-day extra care has included the muslin cleansing cloth from “The Organic Pharmacy” (approx. 5.80 euros) – I use it to remove the remains of cleanser or mask, which is more effective than using my hands and removes dead skin cells in a particularly gentle way.

Anti-aging natural cosmetics – products for the face

Neroli Cleansing Oil by Wildcrafted Organics 100ml, approx. 54 Euro

Neroli Cleansing Oil and Tonic Wild Rose Mist Brume by Wildcrafted Organics. The oil contains pumpkin seed oil with a natural amount of salicylic acid and cleanses the skin thoroughly but gently. Camellia seed, rice bran and pumpkin seed oils are responsible for moisturizing and nourishing. The toner provides a second freshness kick and stimulates collagen production with wild plum extracts. Why they are my stars: the skin feels supple, looks rosy, the products smell good, and I can also use the toner as a refreshing spray for in between. (Cleansing Oil: 100ml, approx. 54 euros; Face Toner: 100ml, approx. 54 euros).

Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream by The Organic Pharmacy 50ml, 59,95 Euro

“Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream by The Organic Pharmacy” – this day cream with damask rose, rosehip seed oil and vitamin E as well as shea butter is a classic in my bathroom cabinet. Why it’s my star: it provides the skin with a large portion of moisture, it absorbs quickly and I like the light, gel-like consistency, apart from the scent of an English rose garden.

Overnight Face Treatment by Ringana, 30ml, approx. 68 euros.

Overnight Face Treatment by Ringana. This cream has won my beauty heart very quickly, because strong anti-aging ingredients in it: such as vitamin C, seaweed, alpine rose and schisandra berry extract and wheat ceramides. Why Ringana’s cream is my star: I can use it for face, neck and décolleté, I like the creamy texture of the product, it contains no artificial preservatives and not too thinly applied it acts like a mask.

Text: Conny Eyssen

Photos: Unsplash, PR