Anti-aging for summer hair

One of the most important anti-aging strategies has been proven to be proper exposure to the sun. This applies equally to skin and hair. Hair doesn’t get sunburned, but UV rays are still a real strain. The cuticle becomes rough and the hair dries out. Munich hair specialist Manfred Kraft explains how to protect hair in summer.

How can I effectively protect my hair from sun damage?

Manfred Kraft: Best to buy a nice big hat! The less sun on the hair, the better. However, special care series with UV filters also protect very well. Burns on the skin are painfully felt – but with hair you usually notice too late that it is already damaged. Since hair does not heal, it should be well protected and cared for. The most important thing is intensive moisture in combination with strengthening proteins.

The hair is dried out and bleached. How do I care for sun-affected, dull hair? What should be considered for blond, red or dark hair?

Manfred Kraft: The first step is an intensive structure building. Because porous hair is like a ladder without rungs and where there is no support, no further care will hold. Hair needs proteins that repair the keratin fibers (e.g. “Therapist” by K√©rastase) and a lot of moisture! For colored hair should refresh the color reflex, reddish tones fade and blond tones yellow. Sometimes I recommend clients redefine their look and switch to summer for hair. For example, by using a special highlighting technique to create high and low highlights. This creates fantastic natural summer tones.

Beach look in the city. How do I get pretty beach waves quickly and easily?

Manfred Kraft: It’s easy with so-called Salt Sprays, which conjure up the desired summer look without the damaging effects of salt water and sun. Spray it into the hair, dry it overhead, and apply it with the ghd Curve (approx. 180 euros) to twist in a few casual waves. Very important: The tips must remain smooth! To finish, apply a little salt spray or styling powder to the entire hair and knead with cold air.

Are there also simple anti-aging home remedies to maintain summer hair and make it shine?

Manfred Kraft: I am asked about this again and again, and the longer I work as a hairdresser, the further away I get from it. Today, no home remedy can compete with the sophisticated formulas and high-quality ingredients of modern hair care. There have never been so many exciting innovations to help us make hair more beautiful than ever before.

Lead photo: Dmitry Lobanov/