Anti-aging for men – the best tips

They go to the beautician, quite naturally to manicure and pedicure – what was frowned upon for men for a long time, is now regularly in the appointment calendar of many. And that even applies to going to the beauty doc, where anti-aging has long since become commonplace for men.

No wonder, professional as well as private success is often influenced by the outer appearance. Is anti-aging for men an investment in their own stock? At least that’s what the doctors at the Karlshöhe Clinic in Stuttgart confirm.

“More and more men come to us who pay attention to their diet, do sports and just also attach a lot of importance to their appearance,” says Dr. Christian Fitz, a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery. And what exactly do the men want? “The wish list is led by treatments with fillers against wrinkles and volume loss. More and more often, however, the enhancement of male facial features is also in demand. And a lot is possible there,” explains Dr. Fitz.

In trend: anti-aging for men

Most men, like women, want to look fresher and more youthful after treatment. Also, in the focus of their treatments: masculine it must be! Striking facial features, a pronounced chin and a prominent jawline are the main focus for them. And that’s exactly what can be achieved with fillers based on hyaluronic acid and a treatment plan tailored specifically to male facial structure.

“When it comes to facial areas, there are significant differences between men and women to consider. In men, the cheeks should definitely not be too round, the lips should not be too accentuated, but the lower half of the face should be more angular and the chin more prominent,” explains Dr. Siegfried Schmidt, a certified trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, a manufacturer in the filler sector, with his own practice in Munich.

Anti-aging for men with fillers

Therefore, before wrinkle treatment for men, the face is first analyzed according to certain criteria. For this purpose, the internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio has developed a treatment technique for the Juvéderm® Vycross filler® Collection developed: specific treatment points for cheeks, chin and jaw area are based on the so-called 7-POINT-SHAPE and 9-POINT-SHAPE method for women and men. This combines treatment of the lower face with modulation of the cheeks. For these individual segments, precisely defined amounts of the Vycross® products underinjected, so that generally predictable results can be achieved.

There is a suitable filler for each facial area, each with different properties. A pronounced chin and a defined jawline, for example, for a masculine look can be achieved with fillers such as Voluxfrom the Vycross® Juvéderm series® model. Behind the term Vycross® technology contains a special, patented gel formulation that ensures that the filler integrates particularly quickly into the skin tissue and the result can therefore appear particularly natural.

A pronounced and defined cheek area can be achieved with Voluma® and Volift® can be achieved. An individual treatment plan often includes several sessions in which the treatment goal is approached step by step. The result can last between 9 and 24 months, depending on the filler chosen and the area of the face treated.

All Juvéderm® Products of the Vycross® Collection contain lidocaine. The designations of Volift® with Lidocaine and Voluma® with Lidocaine are shown here in abbreviated form.