Anti-aging – can you measure biological age?

Medically speaking, the identity card is an inaccurate document. The date of birth usually has little to do with how old someone really is from the point of view of anti-aging specialists. Age can be measured today. For doctors, instead of chronological age, it is biological age that counts. You can read here how to calculate biological age and on which parameters it depends.

You are as old as you feel – this is not necessarily true. In fact, there are indicators by which biological age can be read: These include hormone status, general medical check-up, bone density measurement, muscle-fat ratio, skin condition, physical and mental agility. A genetic test also provides insight into hereditary dispositions and contains important anti-aging messages. And what’s the point of it all?

Determining biological age

More and more people are engaging in so-called longevity strategies (literally translated, longevity means longevity). In the USA, it is estimated that about two million people are already longevity followers. As early as 1990, Robert N. Butler, Professor of Geriatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, founded the International Longevity Center (ILC) in the USA. There are now ILC institutes in Paris, London and Tokyo. At the heart of all longevity strategies is the question: How can we live to be 150 years old while remaining as mentally and physically fit as possible?

Anti-aging based on facts

The desire for a long, healthy life is based on hard facts. The average age increased by about three months per year over the past 160 years. For the future, this means the life expectancy of women born in 2018 in Western Europe is 84 years and Based on recent age research, Chaim Cohen of Unsiversity Bar Ilan (Israel) says: “It is possible that people will exceed the age limit of 120 and even live up to 140 years!”

But why do we age at all? There are various theories about this. Oxidative stress is one possible explanation. According to this theory, cells age because they breathe. During this process, which is in itself vital, free radicals are temporarily formed, aggressive oxygen compounds that can attack and damage cell structures, protein molecules or even genetic material.

Free radicals are mainly caused by stress, lack of sleep, UV light, lack of exercise, serious diseases, poisoning and too many calories. Which brings us to one of the most important prerequisites for a long life: the right diet!

According to the motto “Age later”, the plastic surgeon Dr. Marc A. Ronert, together with his wife Janna Ronert, has therefore developed the nutritional supplements “Hush & Hush”. “Prevention is not only directed at external products. What you feed your body is just as important, if not more important. About 90 percent of us are deficient in essential nutrients due to poor nutrition,” Dr. Ronert said. “Nutraceuticals” is what the developers call their combinations of active ingredients for inner as well as outer beauty and health.

The collection of “Clean Clinical Vitamins” consists of the capsules “Deeply Rooted” for healthy hair (120 capsules circa 79 euros), “Mind Your Mind” (60 capsules circa 64 euros) is intended to support sleep and reduce stress, and the “Time Capsule” (60 capsules circa 69 euros) protects against aggressive influences such as free radicals. The products are each designed as a monthly ration.

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