ALL EYES ON EYES – Tips for radiantly beautiful eyes!

A look says more than a thousand words – our eyes have a great influence on our overall appearance and our outward effect. Especially when it comes to a fresh, youthful and radiant appearance, they play a crucial role. With these three tips, a tired expression is now a thing of the past!

#1 Creams with caffeine and hyaluron

Daily use of eye creams containing caffeine and hyaluronic acid is one way to get a more awake and fit expression. Thanks to its wrinkle-reducing properties, hyaluronic acid causes the complexion to become firmer and more elastic. In addition, the caffeine helps to reduce noticeable dark circles under the eyes and makes swollen eyes puffy. The eyelids and the look already appear more awake and fresh a few minutes after the first application, as the caffeine immediately stimulates blood circulation. Our tip: The PURE RICH EYE CREAM by M1 SELECT is an effective eye cream for reducing dark circles, puffy eyelids and wrinkles. Due to the combination of low and high molecular hyaluronic acids, the cream acts on the one hand as a moisture booster and on the other hand the contained caffeine stimulates the microcirculation, whereby the cream acts like a lymphatic drainage.

#2 Brow Lift with muscle relaxant

A Brow Lift with muscle relaxant is a great option to get a more awake look. Unfortunately, drooping eyebrows often make the face look old, grumpy and exhausted. Lifting the brows with muscle relaxant can have a positive effect on appearance and is a low-risk option for lifting the eyebrows. In this procedure, the active ingredient is injected superficially under the skin with a very fine needle. The effect of the treatment is fully visible after about 14 days and lasts between three to six months.

#3 Upper eyelid lift

Do you suffer from very drooping upper eyelids? If you want to deal with this effectively, you should think about an upper eyelid lift. During the surgical procedure, the excess, wrinkled skin is removed from the upper eyelid, resulting in an even and smooth eye area. After the healing phase, the look appears authentic and youthful, but in no way artificial. Usually, an upper eyelid lift is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 45 minutes. The result of surgery can last up to ten years and longer.

If you too want to get a more awake and youthful appearance, feel free to consult with our experienced M1 doctors!