Air Dry Hair: Styling hair without heat

There is no better and clearer way to put it: Air Dry Hair – styling hair without heat is a trend from America. If the hair is allowed to dry in the air and is only brought into shape with the fingers, styling products or hairpins, they thank you with shine, volume and natural look. After all, is much nicer than torturing them with hot blow dry air. Air Dry Hair is particularly gentle on the hair and suitable for any hair, thin or thick, curly or straight.

The first step that applies to both Air Dry Hair and blow-dry styling: volume shampoo alone is not enough to get full, beautiful hair. It is the first step for the rest of the styling. Here are the best tips on styling hair without heat!

When you get out of the shower, DO NOT wrap a towel around your hair or squeeze it with it. Much too aggressive. Professionals advise lightly squeezing out wet hair with a discarded t-shirt or microfiber towel. Paper towels are an alternative.

When the hair is no longer dripping wet, put some gel in your hands and gently distribute it through the hair. This will add volume, reduce frizz and make them easier to style. Equally good: spray volume spray on the hands and then distribute at the hairline.

Styling hair without heat

While drying, do not run your fingers through your hair to detangle it. This will only create the frizzy effect. If the hair is too frizzy after all, it is best to use a blow-dry serum and then comb the hair carefully (!!!) with your fingers or a special detangle brush. Then wash a styling product into the hair from the roots to the tips.

Those with long and curly hair: twist into a chignon and shape lightly with fingers after drying. Or braid the hair into two loose braids, shake the head after drying until the style is in place. A light styling lotion provides a natural look and shine.

Air Dry Hair Styling Tips

Styling tip for shoulder length or chin length hair that is only slightly damp: Tuck hair behind ears with hands, secure with a bobby pin and let dry. Or twist into three or four knots before sleeping and pin with U-shaped pins – you’ll have pretty waves the next morning.

Short hair: rub styling cream or wax into hands and knead into ends, then part hair into wide strands and twist in lightly. Nice and wild! When hair is dry, shake out and shape and shine with appropriate products.

Air Dry Hair Look

While drying as little as possible, preferably not at all, pluck or tousle the hair! Only then will the natural Air Dry Hair Look be created.

To keep the Air Dry Hair styling beautiful overnight: put some cream in the hair to sleep and sleep with a Shower Cap, because otherwise you have to laboriously untangle the hair in the morning.

Change things up more often: with the Air Dry Hair Look, you can simply try out new variations – for example, mix a leave-in treatment with a styling gel. Or a styling wax with a light-weight cream.

1. with a dab of Flower Garden Hair Butter – rubbed into the palms of the hands – the hair shines and can be styled into natural curls. (Flora & Curl, via, 120g, 29 euros).

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional Tips

2nd New from the Hair Ritual series of Sisley: Le Spray Volume, which gives the hair density and texture. Especially suitable for fine and weak hair. Can also be mixed well with, for example, a styling gel or Hair Wax. (150ml, 69.95 euros)

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional Tips

3. Shake well before use, spray partwise on the hairline, massage gently with fingertips and then style: the Dryclean Soft Spray provides fullness and long-lasting styling. (Lernberger Stafsing, 200ml, 29.50 euros)

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional tips.

4. Dry Air Hair styling begins even before washing: apply the 3-Min Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment to the dry scalp and massage in gently. Nourishes the hair, gives volume and acts against hair loss. (Màdara, 100ml, 24,90 Euro)

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional Tips

5. more bounce for the hair? It should feel supple and shiny? The White Truffle Nourishing & Conditioning Crème by Philip B. works among other things with nettle and thyme extract and many other active plant ingredients. Knead into slightly damp hair after washing. (178ml, 104 euros)

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional Tips

6. hair styling to go: the Smoothing Hair Balm fits in every beauty bag and so you can always bring your hairstyle into shape in between – if you want. But it’s enough to rub a small dab in your hands after washing, put it in your hair and pluck it into shape with your hands and fingers. Done. (Rahua, 100gr, 30 euros)

The new trend: Air Dry Hair products & Professional Tips

7th Beach Waves without having been to the beach: thanks to Sea Mist – Sea Salt Spray with Lavender, the hair shines with volume, natural waves and structure – perfect beach look just. The lavender extract protects the hair from drying out. (John Masters Organics, 266ml, 23,95 Euro)

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Yoann Boyer, Product photos: PR