Aftercare after an inverted nipple correction

Retracted nipples bear the name of slipped nipples. The cause of this is often congenital, in most cases it is a shortened milk duct system. Even if this appearance has no medical consequences, the psychological effects are enormous. The correction of inverted nipples helps to reduce the nipples into a natural position and can increase the self-confidence of affected women and men. Good aftercare following nipple correction is important to ensure optimal healing. Dr. Bernard, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, frequently performs this procedure due to her specialization in general breast surgery and also takes care of the aftercare.

Outpatient procedure with short length of stay

An inverted nipple correction can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour of time. After the procedure has been performed, you can go home. Since you are not allowed to operate a vehicle due to the influence of the medication, you should have an escort pick you up.

Within the first few days after the procedure, you may experience recurrent numbness. Also Bruising (blue coloration around the nipple) as well as Swelling are possible. These usually disappear after 10 – 14 days, during which time the sutures also remain in place. It is not necessary to remove the sutures postoperatively, since self-dissolving suture material is almost always used.

Different surgical techniques for inverted nipple correction

There are basically two variants in the correction of inverted nipples. The most successful method is the Severing the shortened milk ducts, which lie immediately behind the nipple. Silicone threads are used to fix the newly modeled nipple and bring it into a natural shape. The disadvantage of this method is that women are no longer able to breastfeed after this type of nipple correction.

For women whose family planning has not yet been completed, another surgical technique can be considered. Here only fibers of the connective tissue are loosened, which Milk ducts remain however. A positive result is possible, but it needs several incisions in the area of the areola.

Aftercare after nipple correction immediately after the procedure.

Comprehensive aftercare after inverted nipple correction is of high importance. Immediately after the procedure you will receive a Wound dressing, which protects your nipples and at the same time serves as a drainage. The dressing should be worn for about 14 days. A control examination by your doctor is mandatory, because only in this way can wound healing disorders be detected in advance.

During the night you should refrain from the prone and lateral position, in order to put as little stress as possible on the wounds. With the Choice of your clothes be sure to wear airy and loose-fitting cotton products that do not cause pressure or friction. When the time finally comes and you are allowed to remove your bandage, apply the prescribed healing ointment (if available) to the wounds.

Refrain from sports, sauna and sun exposure.

In order not to prolong the healing phase unnecessarily, during this time you should refrain from all sporting activities. This also includes physically strenuous work, although in principle you will be fit for work again just one day after the operation. Until all healing processes have been completed, a period of approx. four to six weeks will pass. However, you can often resume light sports such as golf and moderate endurance training after seven to ten days.

Always rely on the advice of your doctor and on your personal well-being. Every body reacts differently to an intervention.

Even if the anticipation of a new life with new nipples prevails, you should give yourself the rest you need. However, you don’t have to give up your daily wellness program in the bathroom. You can shower normally again just one day after the procedure.

Effectively prevent scarring during aftercare after inverted nipple correction

The longest waiver after nipple correction is the Refraining from sauna sessions and sunbathing with unclothed nipples. The reason for this is that although wound healing is already complete, the new skin is still very sensitive. Massive exposure to sunlight can lead to increased scarring, which would spoil the overall appearance. After about three months, you no longer have to do without anything and can now also go to the sauna undressed or enjoy sunbathing again.