Aesthetic treatments during pregnancy? You will have to do without!

In order to protect their unborn baby as best as possible, mothers must take special care during pregnancy. Especially in the beauty sector, many pregnant women have to make sacrifices in order not to expose their unborn child to any unnecessary risk. That’s why we’re telling you today which aesthetic treatments you should avoid during pregnancy.

Is hyaluron allowed during pregnancy?

In order not to expose the fetus unnecessarily to an incalculable risk, many doctors generally advise against medically irrelevant treatments during pregnancy. This applies not only to surgical procedures, but also to relatively uncomplicated injections with hyaluronic acid. These can pose a certain risk to the mother and fetus and should therefore not be performed during pregnancy.

Is muscle relaxant dangerous during pregnancy?

Similarly, our M1 doctors also advise against injections with muscle relaxant during pregnancy to avoid endangering the fetus. However, to date, no harm has been documented from treatments with muscle relaxants during pregnancy, yet special precautions are needed due to the potential side effects associated with such treatment. For this reason, our M1 doctors generally reject injections for pregnant women.

Aesthetic treatments during breastfeeding

In principle, special precautions should also be taken during breastfeeding. Our M1 doctors also refuse to treat nursing mothers, as certain ingredients can be transferred into breast milk.

Do you have further questions about our injections? Our specialized M1 doctors will be happy to advise you.