Aesthetic medicine – not just a women’s issue

The topic of aesthetic medicine has long since ceased to be popular only among women. Men have their eyelids tightened, women most often have their breasts enlarged. A fact check.

Women are different. And in many ways: They talk a lot and love extensive shopping trips. Men like cars and barbecue for the life of them. The differences between men and women are the subject of a whole army of psychologists and scientists. Doctors in the field of aesthetic medicine have also taken a close look at gender differences. What makes men and women tick when it comes to the topic of aesthetic medicine?

The German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC) just presented the results of its largest nationwide patient survey to date in Berlin. “We can show better than ever before who our patients are and what they want,” says a delighted Dr. Sven von Saldern, president of the DGÄPC.

Botox is booming in aesthetic medicine

Clearly in vogue are minimally invasive treatments. “They are in demand as never before” says von Saldern. More than 40 percent of all treatments performed are gentle procedures, especially wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid or Botox.

Women want larger breasts

It is interesting to look at the differences among the sexes. Among women, breast augmentation with implants tops the list of most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. “About every third female patient who comes to us is dissatisfied with her breast,” says conference president Dr. Hans-Detlef Axmann. That is why breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation with autologous fat are also among the most popular procedures among female patients.

Men have their eyelids tightened

Eyelid correction is the “classic” treatment for men and ranks number one among them. New in the top ten are chin and lip corrections. Unexpectedly for the specialists: both the correction of the so-called male breast (gynecomastia) and the intimate correction are found for the first time among the three most demanded operations of male patients. “The popularity of intimate corrections is surprising,” conference president Axmann comments on the development. “Only a few specialists perform corresponding procedures.”

Beauty OP’s remain taboo subject

There are also still differences between women and men when it comes to the question of whether patients would talk about a performed aesthetic treatment in their environment. “For men, aesthetic treatments remain a taboo,” von Saldern summarizes. While women are now somewhat more open about the topic of beauty corrections, male patients are still rather secretive and do not want to talk about a planned procedure.

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