Advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat

When thinking about breast augmentation, most women first have silicone implants in mind. An alternative option for breast augmentation is the use of autologous fat, which is now being used more and more frequently. – Dr. med. Martha Bernard has a lot of experience in the field of breast reconstruction as well as breast augmentation using autologous fat and will be happy to advise you on this. In order to find the best possible technique for breast augmentation, a detailed medical history is always necessary and an exact consideration of the circumstances. What are the advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat?

Natural design possibilities

Because liposuctioned body fat is a substance produced by the body itself, breast augmentation using autologous fat allows for very natural results achieve. The enlarged breast has a natural feel and even its appearance does not show the intervention. This also results from the absence of scarring, as only a few millimeter incisions need to be made. The body fat is suctioned out by means of cannulas and then added to the breast through tiny accesses.

Enlargement and optical correction

One of the greatest advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat is that it is very flexible to use is. The extracted body fat can be injected into variable regions of the breast. Thus, not only an increased volume can be achieved, but also deformities and asymmetries can be compensated. It is possible, within one procedure a reshaping, an enlargement and a change of contour of the breasts to perform.

One of the other advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat includes that the breastfeeding ability is usually not restricted is not impaired. In addition, the sensitivity of the nipples is preserved.

Suitability for breast augmentation using autologous fat grafting.

To be eligible for this treatment, the body must be enough autologous fat have, as this is taken from the hips, abdomen or thighs. If the body fat percentage is too low, only augmentation using implants is an option.

It can be a maximum enlargement by one cup size can be achieved. If a greater enlargement is desired, implants must be used. A combination of autologous fat treatment and implants is also possible.