Acne – not only a problem in youth

Acne is often a real problem for adolescents, from which they can suffer a lot. But not only in the times of puberty a person can struggle with the unsightly and often very unpleasant consequences of this skin disease.

The so-called acne of old age usually occurs between the ages of 30 and 45 in women and is known as “acne tarda” referred to as acne tarda. Although the causes are different from those of acne during puberty, the consequences, in the form of very unsightly and often painful pimples, are the same.

What is senile acne and what causes it?

Often in the run-up to menstruation, but in women over 30 not only then, pimples and redness appear on the forehead, chin, nose and/or cheeks, which are difficult to subside.

The cause – It becomes Too much sebum is produced in the sebaceous glands and this clogs the pores. If the sebum can no longer flow off properly due to increasing keratinization of the pores, the following occurs Pimples and blackheads, which can be very stubborn.

Often are hormonal fluctuations Trigger for the “Acne Tarda”. Stress, nutritional deficiencies and psychological problems can be the cause, as well as an upcoming period or menopause. Medications and allergies to certain foods are also possible triggers, as is a hereditary predisposition.

What are the treatment options for senile acne?

If one struggles with such skin problems more frequently in adulthood, it should be discussed with a primary care physician. In severe cases can be treated by Taking antibiotics improvement can be achieved and in milder cases relief can be obtained with creams containing antibiotics.

Complementary to medical evaluation and treatment can be cosmetic treatments can be quite helpful. Cosmetically, clogged pores can be cleared and the skin appearance can be improved by color therapy or abrasion of upper skin layers (Microdermabrasion) can be significantly improved. Acutely inflamed pimples should only be treated by doctors or cosmeticians. The danger of aggravating acne by pressing on the pimples oneself is quite real.

Acne treatment with the BBL (Broad Band Light) – light therapy for the skin.

In light therapy with the BBL, the affected skin areas are treated with a filtered, concentrated, pulsed light. In the case of acne symptoms, this achieves a demonstrable, significant improvement. Based on many years of experience with the BBL laser, sustainable results can be achieved in the Giessler practice. The method is suitable for patients who have no particular sensitivity to the sun and do not require any further treatment with Roaccutane perform.

When treating with BBL, the skin is first cooled down to about 15 degrees to protect it from the heat of the light therapy. The treatment can usually be done without anesthesia; if necessary, a desensitizing ointment can be applied. Usually, a slight reddening of the skin after the treatment is to be expected and one has to plan several treatment sessions to achieve a lasting improvement of the acne.

The final result may first become visible several weeks after treatment. However, the use of modern light therapy is capable of significantly improving acne permanently.

The skin care for age acne

With a “Acne Tarda” meticulous, daily skin care plays a special role. Hygiene in skin care is paramount. With the care products should be particularly gentle and moisturizing means should be used. For cleaning the face should be used especially mild washing lotions should be used. – The normal soap contains active ingredients that can promote skin impurities.

Mostly occurs the “Acne Tarda” occurs in women who already suffer from dry skin. Very greasy creams are not recommended in such cases, as they can further clog the sebaceous glands. Basically, those affected should avoid any kind of more aggressive cosmetic products. They put additional stress on the skin and attack it. This makes the skin even less resistant and more permeable to further bacterial infections.